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The Hate Soccer Thread


If 90 minutes of watching people run up and down a field chasing a little white ball just bores the living hell out of you, then post here.

I can tolerate baseball, though often fall asleep on the rare occasion that I watch a game. Hockey is fine, mostly because of the fights, and its over in 60 minutes.

I know I'll get flamed by the soccer crowd on here. Go ahead...it'll certainly be more lively than soccer, ice dancing, and curling, and all such other 'sports'.



Its amazing how some people go out of their way to contaminate other people's day.


While I do find 90 minutes of soccer boring, I do marvel at the skills (stamina and foot skills) it takes to play soccer. These guys and gals are in incredible shape to play that long on that big of a field.

But, I don't hate soccer. I just don't watch it very often.

If you don't like it, don't watch it.


Please explain why you hate soccer so much.

Actually, save our time - we don't really care.

Rather, explain how soccer is not a "sport" in your eyes. I'm actually curious.

This I gotta hear.

Have fun.


Aussie rules football is played on a bigger field for a longer time at a much more furious pace !!

having said that soccer players have amazing skills without doubt and i love to watch those commericals where they demonstrate them. Highlights are also very entertaining. Sometimes it does seem like the game is played a bit slow with not a whole lot of intensity though


Soccer not a sport? You're a friggin moron.

Soccer beats the hell out of baseball any day of the week.


F U,

Soccer is awesome. Haven't played in awhile, but I highly enjoy when I do. Great workout & helps me with my foot quickness/aglity.

Soccer players are amazing athletes!


Baseball is more exciting than soccer? You are out of your mind.


Im sure the tune will change when the USA start doing well...


Can we just get one thing straight here please its called 'football'

and it is the most popular sport on the planet



Much credit to the kiddies that play. It does take skill and endurance, but that does not change the fact that is boring as hell to watch.

I am with the majority of Americans who could care less about this lame as excuse for kickball sport.



You seem to have a lot of anger lately. You make a post on how you hate your job and try to warn other people about how awful teaching is and now it is soccer.

Maybe you are just an unhappy person and want others to be miserable too.

Now, I am quite sure, you will proceed to tell me to f$#k off. I am OK with that too.




the term soccer comes from england, so it's not some egregious offense to refer to the game as soccer.


Um, does your TV not have an off button?
I'm guessing you just like to push buttons, no way you can be this big of a douche bag in real life.


How is soccer any less of a sport and any less boring than any of the sports you soccer-hates like to watch? Honest question, not rhetorical.


Actually, here, football refers to well, fucking football. We call it soccer. If that pisses you off, the get the fuck over it.

Soccer, to me, is like a lot of sports...fun to play, but boring to watch.

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are you a personal trainer ?

i wonder because the only people who are bored by anything are people who are too ignorant and lazy to understand anything outside of their squalid, inbred comfort zone.

children are "bored" because they don't yet understand. this makes you retarded as well bored. you're lagging behind and refusing to bring yourself up to speed with the world around you. and what's worse is, like a child, you're foisting the responsibility for your boredom onto a game, and thus deluding yourself to ignore your own ignorance.

but whatever. it's your loss.
"boring" is not a reality. it's a perception. and because of that there's nothing on earth you can't flip from boring to fulfilling if you would quit being so fucking lazy.

chess is exiting when you understand. poker is exiting when you understand. pool and bowling are exiting when you understand. politics are exiting when you understand. shakespeare is exiting when you understand. nascar is exiting when you understand. bodybuilding is exiting when you understand...

the problem is your own.
quit being a stick in the mud.


I only tend to watch soccer during the World or Euro Championships but when I do watch I'm the ultimate fan. I think's it's the greatest international sport moreso than "club" sport (basketball). Did anyone just see the Sweden-Trinidad & Tobago, no goals sure, but the most exciting i've witnessed sportswise since George Mason's Final Four run. I think soccer is more frustrating to watch than it is boring, no?


Soccer is a great sport...

for females, kids under the age of 12, and old men who can't take the pounding of a real football game.

In America, soccer is played past the age of 12 by only those "males" whose mothers don't want them to get hurt playing FOOTBALL. I guess there is no harm in keeping the effiminate males in shape.

However, like the other psuedosports of nascar/womens' basketball, it takes up too much time on Sportscenter.