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The Harry Potter Thread

I’d like to put this in the Off Topic section, because while I generally float and lurk around multiple forums, and maintain my log, I like to nerd out. And as my avatar suggests I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, more so than I am a fan of comic books.

Everything from spells, charms, and curses, to witches, wizards, house elves, and trolls, to death eaters, and dragons, wands, and the foundings of schools. All is welcome, including comments, and gifs and whatnot.

When I chose my nickname after immigrating to the U.S., I chose a name from one of the cast of Harry Potter.

I later took that nickname and made it my legal name after becoming naturalized.

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I’m currently bored as all out doors and re-watching the last movie of the Deathly Hallows, and I re-read Order of the Phoenix last year. But I like the entire dedication of wizards that delve into wand lore.

So I’m going to talk about a bit of wand stuff.

As noted in the books, the wand chooses the wizard. Granted I’d personally like a wand made out of vine, but my favorite material so far has to be Acacia wood. In particular this rare and usual wood, will not, under any circumstances produce its magic for anyone else except its owner. I like the thought of a very loyal wand. In contrast, Draco’s wand was made out of Hawthorne wood, and once Harry took it from him, the wand pretty much immediately pledged its allegiance to the good side. I could only imagine a wand so powerful that is also very fickle. I wouldn’t want to possess a wand that could easily be corrupted by someone with a more sinister agenda than my own.

But going back to the wand of my DREAMS.

Vine. Preferably. Vine wands are rather rare, and they tend to choose witches or wizards who think beyond themselves, and are drawn to the deeper and bigger truths the world has to offer, or those who are magical who seek a higher purpose. Which id like to think would suit me well, since I spend most of my emotional and mental energy focusing on such subjects.

Onto the wand core, or the innermost part of the wand that channels the actual majic itself.

There’s three notable substances that are of the highest quality:

  1. Dragon heart string ( hella powerful, easily corrupted with Dark majic, but tends to form a very passionate bond with its first owner, they are exceptional wands when it comes to their retention of spells, and they catch on quickly).
  2. Unicorn hair (delivers the most consistent magic without fluctuations or blockages from an attacker, extremely faithful and unwavering, but they aren’t the most powerful of wands)
  3. Phoenix feather ( rarest of the three cores. Very wide range of spells from the Crutiatus curse, to the most elaborate charms, these cores are taken from a Phoenix and as a result can be rather stubborn, and sometimes take their own initiative)

Of these cores I would choose Phoenix Feather. I wouldn’t mind my wand taking initiative, espeacially if my mind isn’t where it ought to be. Coupled with a vine exterior, it would be like having my own friend that could think for his/herself, and looked after my best interest.

So, I have a vine wand with a Phoenix feather core. During battle, or fending off an attack I would not, under any circumstance, throw the first offense spell. Espeacially if I’m dealing with a witch or wizard who is of equal or lesser experience than myself. I want to see what their habits are, the spells they decide to flock to. For instance if they immediately try to go for an incinerating spell, or the Confringo curse, or the spell “aguamente” (conjures water). I could easily seal the room or the space we are dueling in, followed by some sort of Disarming spell, or a confundus charm if I intended to maim and not kill.

Since I have a rather powerful, and will of whim type of wand, I would probably stock up on defense spells, and spells such as “sectumsempra”, that delivers serious wounds.

Lastly, I’d try to equip maybe a few masking charms, or a duplication spell over my wind, just in case someone actually manages to steal my wand from me (highly unlikely) They’d get my fake one, or if they got my actual wand, they’d only have access to default spells. Rather weak ones preferably. So if they try to use a spell against me it’ll mostly just knock me out.

Really? That’s cool man.

Ever noticed how the portraits in the Hogwarts castles move? I did. I always wondered how they managed to animate the paintings.

There are witches and wizards who devoted their lives to painting and tapestry, but not just your basic paintings that have only captured a still piece of time.

Mrs. J.K Rowling, the creator of the books and reason for the movies gives us a lovely rundown on the pictures of Hogwarts:

“Hogwarts portraits are able to talk and move around from picture to picture. They behave like their subjects. However, the degree to which they can interact with the people looking at them depends not on the skill of the painter, but on the power of the witch or wizard painted.”

A witch or wizard may also have themselves painted and keep their paintings in their corridors. Enchanting their pictures to keep their mantras, sayings, habits, and words of advice.

The paintings still remain in a sense, two dimensional, and cannot hold in depth conversations, but they may still be able to deliver advice when it is much needed.

Remembered hearing the spell called: sectumsempra

Professor Snape actually crafted this spell himself.

The spell delivers slashes, slices, and cuts that look like someone delivered it with a sword. If the spell isn’t countered with a healing charm or spell, the person attacked will indeed bleed out.

I’ve read the books far more times than I care to admit. Not the biggest fan of the movies though.

I’d like to think i would be a Slytherin but I would probs be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.

One of my fav spells has got to be the silent casted one that rips the victim off the ground by their ankle. I feel it was underused and could be pretty handy given its a silent casting.

Please tell me it’s Luna Lovegood?? Lmao

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The movies could’ve always been more detailed. Can’t disagree with you on that either.

To be honest even though I’ve never seen you, you remind me of Cedric Diggory (who was a hufflepuff) lol.

In the movies it would’ve been great if someone put an aside somewhere as to what nonverbal spell was casted.

Only one that I don’t get was Occulus Reparo
That Hermione used to repair Harry’s glasses. And now that I’m thinking about it I’m wondering why the movie had her actually speak it.

The book mentions a few more. The one you mentioned is also a good one. Gotta love Levicorpus.

My favorite nonverbal spell has to be Incarcerous. Pretty much invisible ropes.

Same here. Theoretically, I know I’ve seen all the movies but I honestly don’t remember more than one or two scenes out of all of them. And no, I propably wasn’t drunk. Completely negligible. Liked the books though and always felt they were getting better as the series progressed.

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BOOM! IN FOR THIS THREAD! My wife and I are huge fans, we’ve both read the books multiple times and have watched all the movies more than multiple times. I got started later and read the books about 5 years ago, and have been obsessed ever since.

Has anyone read “The Cursed Child?” It advertises as “the next book in the series”, and it most certainly doesn’t deliver.

I won’t give away any significant plot details incase anyone hasn’t read it, but, my wife and I pre-ordered, knocked it out in a day and were very underwhelmed, and pissed off at this betrayal.

I’ve always favored the books over the movies, but the movies are very well done considering the amount of events that take place in each book. The books provide a great depth to each character and so much more to the entire story. One quick example, when Harry travels by floo powder and winds up in Knockturn Alley in Borgin and Burkes, in the book, he hides while he sees Lucius Malfoy talking with the shop keeps and giving him all this evil stuff to hide. That part isn’t in the normal movie, BUT, I think it’s a deleted scene. We have all the DVDs, but for some reason whenever the channel “Freeform” (it’s a Disney owned channel) airs the movies, there are a ton of deleted scenes in there. We do have older DVDs so I’m not sure if more recent ones have all the scenes in them.

The first time I read the books, when I got to the part in Deathly Hallows Part 2 when Harry saw Snape’s memories in the pensieve (sp?) and learned he had to die, man my heart jumped to my throat and stayed there all day.

Looking forward to a great thread here!

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I specifically didn’t read it yet because I was getting such a 50/50 split of people who liked it and people who hated it. And I’m leaning more towards the side of not wasting my time reading it. My husband read it, and felt the same way you and your wife. So I won’t be reading it lol.

I enjoyed reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Not sure sure if you’ve read it yet. It’s delving more into the life of Grindewald. Which I’m legit curious about. Movie doesn’t deliver too much, but the book is legit. At least in my opinion lol, because if there’s one person I don’t like more than Umbridge or Voldemort, it’s Grindelwald.

I too wasn’t ready for Snape to die once I managed to figure out what was going on. The point in which I changed my mind of how Snape was happened when I read the Order of the Phoenix and Snape was teaching the principles of Occulomency and Legilimency. After that I decided that Snape is very important. I have yet to go back and catch little snippets of plot reveal from Rowling but eventually I will.

If you’re up to it, there’s a book that explains a lot of Harry Potter mythology and whatnot, that I think you’d enjoy reading

I have an Ebook of this, but it’s worth the read.!

why the heck did they have to kill off Fred? Like whyyy. At least in the movie.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

My dog is named ‘Winky’.
We had a guinea pig named Hermione.
My daughter was Hedwig for Halloween when she was 2.
We have signs and shit all over the house Harry Potter related.

I loved the books. I don’t really care for much else surrounding it. I haven’t seen all the movies. My wife is over the moon about Harry Potter. You could be a serial killer, but if you like Harry Potter, your in the club.

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We have it, but I haven’t read it. To me the series was done with Deathly Hallows.
I like the books way better than anything else. I didn’t see the point in the ‘Cursed Child’. I get J.K. wants to write, but I think she should leave Harry Potter well enough alone. She caught lightning in a bottle. Nothing else she writes will ever come close. She has to be OK with that, but I don’t think she is, hence ‘The Cursed Child’.

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