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The Hardest Sport to Become #1 In?


What sport would be the hardest to become #1 on the planet in?



Crapping... 100 Courics is just too hard to beat.


any of them? they all require a certain predisposition towards being INCREDIBLE at the specific sport, which without you could never reach #1...
that being said, i'd say basketball, due to the height factor in the equation which means you need more genetic help.






every sport is filled with genetic freaks and these threads are all opinions but here's mine:

baseball is the hardest skill-wise. despite preconceived notions about the sport, you need to be in good conditioning to be able to play everyday and avoid injury. it is also very hard to hit a ball that is moving well at 90 or more MPH, especially when you couple that with breaking pitches. same goes for pitching a little ball into a tiny strike zone past a skilled hitter. this is why there are minor leagues because even great college players can struggle mightily in the majors.

physically? olympic rowing (crew) or swimming... if you have every tried either at a competitive level you know you need to be in phenomenal shape


I second the swimming. But I'll have you know that the NHL has it's own minor league as does the MLS. In fact, every professional sport has it's own version of minor leagues. That being said, I feel like what sport is the hardest to be number 1 in depends on what sport has the greatest athlete. Every sport has it's hard points and there is noone that can do let alone be good at every one of them.


The more popular the sport and the more people particpate the harder.

Just to clear things up, being 1st out of a billion is harder than being 1st out of a million.


Who is your avatar? If it is you what is the significance of the tattoo?


I'm going to say golf, I mean you have to be better than Tiger Woods? Come on. Millions upon millions of people play golf day in and day out. And there is 1 guy who is far and away better than anyone else, and you have to be better than he is?

It's also something that isn't restricted by genetics as basketball or sprinting or the NFL is. I mean some of them are so restrictive in thier specificity, that it's not even a realistic proposition.





cycling.... the most brutal sport there is.... nothing is harder then the tour the france.. nothing!!!!! Name one sport.... thats right.. you can't.


Spelling Bee. Obviously.


hardest? football.

Simple, there isn't one stand alone best player in the NFL, you have to surpass all them and become "the best"? pffft impossible


Well, for each you have a one in six billion chance


Football (Soccer)! Purely because of how many people play it professionally compared to other sports.

To be voted the FIFA player of the year would technically be the hardest. But there's obviously a lot of politics involved in the voting.





Beer pong


I agree, no one will pass Tiger as long as he continues to play.


Yep, and the more height you get the lower your agility.


The other sports don't require nearly as much athletecism, combined with a short training window.

Even the best players are not the best once they reach 35 sometimes younger. So you pretty much have 10 years of training to be the best.
Football and basketball make it even more difficult because of the team equation. After all the scoring you have to worry about making your team better. Then when you retire your knees ankles and hips are shot.
Gymnastics is tough because it's judged, and on top of that you can't f up. the slightest miss at the wrong moment can completely mess up a routine.