The Hard Feeling Muscles... How To Get

So, just curious, how does one get the muscles that feel hard even when they aren’t flexed? Like my brother law. I walk by him in his garage. I grabbed his arm as I walk walked him to let him to let him know I was edging between him and his son’s dirt bike. His arm was hard as a rock. He does construction and goes to the gym. I go to the gym meal also. So, how do your arms feel pumped but when they haven’t been worked out?

It’s called not having a lot of fat.

Well, makes sense.

In reality muscle are more dense than fat. But in a relaxed state they arent rock hard.

Are you 100% it was his arm?..


This is genetics. Thicker/thinner skin. Some people have thinner skin making their muscles seem more vascular and denser even when untrained. Has almost nothing to do with training. Dont get caught up with this stuff, its fluff and there is no secret.

That’s how.