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The Hangover Part II


How is there not a thread on this already? lol

What'd you guys think?

I didn't think it was as good as the first.



I haven't seen it yet because all I have heard is that it is the same movie except it takes place in a different city. I'm saving my money for X-Men next weekend.


I want to see it.


I'm going tonight - hopefully the reviews are just more of the same old shit from critics who are out of touch with audiences.


Awaiting Netflix.


Thats they only way I would see it. This was not a movie to make a sequel of imo.


You can't. It's rated R.


It was really funny, but it's the exact same formula as the first movie. Even the actors have stated that they pretty much made the same movie with new jokes. Zach Galifianakis is 100% the engine that keeps the second one going.


I'm actually OK with it being the same in many ways. It'll kind of be like hearing two different comedians tell the same joke...so long as I don't go in expecting a whole new thing I'll be OK.


I may get flamed for this but i didnt not find the first one to be all that great. definitely a netflix one for me.


Netflixing it.

I only voluntarily go to action movies. I saw Preist and Thor. To many other movies I want to see.

Coming up we've got:

Penelope Cruzes of the Caribbean
X-Men: The Hippy Years
Green "I'm not Deadpool" Lantern
Transformers 3: The Fall of the Wiggerbots
Captain America: The First Marvel Man In Tights
Cowboys & Fucking Aliens

And that gets us to the end of July...


What a load of shit.






It looks like the exact same movie as the first one, just in a different city. They only made this to cash in on the first's success, and honestly didn't think the first was as funny as everyone else did. If it's on cable one day where I'm sitting around doing nothing I might watch it, but otherwise no way.



I'll wait for a tv version


I saw it last night. It fucking rocked.

I wasnt expecting them to match the first one since the bar was set pretty high. I'd say it was AT LEAST as good as the first one, maybe better.

Alot more hardcore shit too.


nah I agree, while I enjoyed the first one I felt it was a bit over-hyped by everyone.

Will see the second one this week though.

A couple of my favorite comedies are Grandma's Boy and Waiting.


As others have said. it pretty much is the same movie except they take everything a bit further. If you liked the first one, you'll like the second one. lots of laughs same storie really except the plot is even a bit thinner, however the comedy is even better.

Really funny, really wrong hahaha. loved it for an easy to watch movie.


Oh I want to see it, it's just not a must see for me right now.