The Hall and Oates Thread

What? I’m serious, bitches!

Darryl Hall has one of the best voices ever. Unlike Phil Collins, H/O ROCKS! He can sing, and he still has hair. Oates has one of the greatest porn 'staches in all of entertainment history.

I’m an unabashed fan.

OK, so maybe this thread can be about that music which you may or may not be ashamed of loving…

I liked a cover of ‘one on one’ I heard. Fruit Bats cover Hall & Oates">Fruit Bats cover Hall & Oates

warning: Hipsters talking for like 2 min before the song.

I can’t go for that!

original is good too actually. If youre into this sort of thing. Which I am.

Hall and Oates original (covered by Paul Young):

someone find me a more hall and oatesy flight of the conchords song. Nao.

[quote]SteelyD wrote:
Hall and Oates original (covered by Paul Young):

He looks like a mix between willem dafoe and a lion in that vid.

This song is the jam-

I liked their early stuff… pre-MTV. Remember “She’s Gone” and “Sarah Smile”?

Anyone notice John Oates looks like Bababooie?