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The Half Day Diet


Dear all

I thought I would share my experience of this diet - written by one of T Nations contributors. I’ve been following the diet to a T for a month. I’m 172lbs 8-9%bf at present

The basic premise is very similar to IF with a few small but important differences:

  • 2 meals per day with most cals/carbs in the evening (no matter what time of day you train)
  • Train fasted or semi fasted (fully fasted if first thing in the AM, small piece of fruit 60 mins before if lunch training and semi fasted if evening training - at least 3-5 hours post lunchtime meal) NO PARA- work out our immediate post work out meal.

I resistance train at about 5.45.am until 6.30.am M/W/F and - post workout ALL I have is a small piece of fruit until I have lunch at around 12.pm (then a small balanced meal)
I do 60 - 90 minutes Muay Thai a day in the late afternoon and then my BIG ass meal in the evening. The only supplement I use is a high quality fish oil, fiber and apple cider vinegar

Here are by observations based on MY RESULTS:

  • Fat have melted off - BF gone from around 11% to 8% with NO LOSS of strength apart from a bit on my OHP press and Bench. TBDL, DL Rows etc fine.

  • Honestly though no eating till lunch would be a massive issue and that My muscle would just eat itself up. Apparently the fructose/glucose mix in fruit prevents that and although you are obviously not in an anabolic state you (in theory) will not lose muscle. You are of course catabolic during this time but catabolizing fat not muscle (apparently).

  • Used PLAZMA previously and have dropper my volume but not intensity. Am I really sore after dropping all the PARA workout supplementation? I was expecting to be but not really. Massive surprise to me.

  • My workouts are good and my Muay Thai sessions have not suffered either. I’m eating between 200 - 300g of carbs a day - EVERYDAY (still less calories going out than in as I’m training ALT)

  • Drinking a fiber supplement helps with hunger and I do love eating large at night. Clean calories (meat/fish/rice/yams - Thai food basically) 90% of the time with a massive cheat once every 7 - 10 days, depending on how I feel.

  • Energy levels, sleep and mental focus have improved, they really have. I enjoy being this lean and will now begin to increase carbs to maintain.

  • For losing fat - 100% recommend it. I’m not a big guy at all so larger chaps with bigger caloric requirements may struggle eating all theirs in 2 meals (getting the food down and with gastronomical distress)

  • Been a few articles bashing IF style diets on this website. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Fact that T Nation is linked to a supplement company of course means that products are continually touted. Fair enough I say as this site provides a plethora of free advice and training plans etc from great guys and gals. Biotest stuff is great and can help you reach your goals faster but I believe if you train and eat smart you can still look and perform how you want.

If I ever wish to gain muscle I’m likely to include PARA-workout supplements when doing higher volume work for sure.

Just thought I would share. Questions, opinions, feedback all very welcome.



Great report. How was your overall caloric intake per day? How much deficit?


Thanks buddy

Most days:

Protein: 170g - 680 cals
Fats: 40g - 360 cals
Carbs - 250g - 1000 cals

About 2040 cals a day, everyday even on off days (about 3500 on a cheat day)

Lunch - 30-50g of carbs + same of protein source. Shit load of veggies/Thai salad. Fats from meat and fish oil.

Dinner: 200g of carbs + 100-120g protein source. Shit load of veggies/Thai salad, and some sort of pudding with sticky rice/oats/buckwheat and casein protein Fats from meat and fish oil + some coconut oil

This is the lowest I’ll go and is for pretty aggressive fat loss (Weights AM, Muay Thai PM some days, other GPP AM, Muay Thai PM - varying intensities for MT and weights)

I’'l increase activity if fat loss stalls - I’m going to see how far I can push the envelope and maybe go <6%bf but much will depend on how my energy levels are. At present pretty good.

If and when I increase cals if will be in the form of carbs due to my activity levels and the nature of the activities. I’ve always been carb-phobic and am literally loving all the buckwheat pancakes, rice and other carbs I can and must eat daily. I’ve found some really great recipes online for healthy alternatives to various sweet treats (muffins, pies, cup cakes etc) that substitute the shit in them for healthy alternatives. It’s easy to restrict cals in the days when you know you can eat a load in the evening and enjoy dinner with friends without being the anal weirdo who has a curry without rice or doesn’t have a beer (I drink a few beers and enjoy a few glasses of wine each week and it’s not made any difference as far as I can tell in terms of fat loss)



A little late to the thread, but wanted to say thanks for the write up. It’s nice to see these success stories with such great information and personal suggestions.

A few questions:

  1. How long were you on this diet to see the changes that you did?
  2. What were your before/after weights?
  3. I work out in the evenings, would BCAA’s be OK to use in the morning to tie me over until lunch?
  4. Do you have a link to the article? (yes, I tried the search function and turned up empty handed :grumpycat:)

Thanks, and congrats on the fat loss! :beers:


+1 for the buckwheat crepes!

2k calories sounds like starvation mode to me. Especially with your activity level.

How are things progressing?



Alright dude

Send me a PM and I’ll email you the ebook free of charge (aren’t I nice)


In answer to your questions

  1. 2 weeks
  2. 179 - now 170 (went as low as 168 but didn’t function that well)
  3. Suck it up don’t be a pussy ;0) - BCAA spike insulin at any dose worth doing HMB a better option if you can afford it (2-3g for the anti-catabolic effects)



Hey Bird

2K cals was only for 4 weeks as a blitz, I’ve gradually worked up to near 3k - 3.4k. As you said my activity levels are high and low cals were not sustainable.

Just been away to the beach for 10 days - eating whatever I fancied (including pancakes for BREAKFAST, oh my) , drinking to much, sleeping, napping and not training at all.

Been back on the diet for 4 days, dropped all the water weight I was carrying and already beginning to see more definition in the row of abs that faded away…

Much needed break and rest, and as this diet is so shit hot in terms of fat loss I didn’t sweat if for my holiday - just enjoyed myself. My MT training is back on track (after sweating a fuck load of beer and spirits out during my first session after my break), and weights are the same as before, except I feel fresh as a daisy