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The Gym Rules


Alright. We've all been in the gym and have seen ridiculous shit that pisses us off. I know I am not the only one that feels this. So let's get together a list of shit. I want to see if some of this stuff occurs in more than one place. I am assuming that a lot of this stuff happens everywhere because
idiocy is a world wide dilemma. I will start us off:

1) Cell phones in the gym - Why the fuck do you have a cell phone in the gym? You mean to tell me you can't put that thing down for an hour and do work without checking your phone, texting girls, or whatever. Added to this is the jackass that actually makes or answers calls while in the gym.

2) The girlfriend - the only time it is acceptable to bring your girlfriend is when she splits and does her own shit and you guys come together at the end to leave together, or she is legitimately your workout partner and you are both serious about what you are doing. No one wants to see your girlfriend helping to spot you while you bench 35's twice and then you both giggle and kiss. Go away.

3) It is never OK to dance in the gym. I don't care what music is playing over the radio or on your headphones. If you start hopping around like a faggot, you need to be punched. Don't sit there and snap your fingers and then do the superman that ho dance, this is a gym, not a night club.

4) The skinny guru - We have all seen this kid. The biggest of his friends whose body looks like shit, goes to the gym with 3 of his buddies and starts showing them how to workout. We all hear him give his endless wisdom to them such as, "Ya, you don't want to lift heavy because it is bad for your joints." Give me a break, the ellipticals are located on the other end of the building, go get on them if you're so scared of the heavy weight.

5) The blind weightlifter - This guy shows up out of nowhere and steals your shit while you are getting some water. He doesn't know that you are using the bench when you have a towel draped over it, your bag next to it, and there is weight stacked on it, his excuse is always, "Oh, sorry broseph, I didn't know you were on it."

6) The girl bench presser - I respect the fact that you are trying to better yourself, but the gym is packed and you're benching the bar, gtfo.

7) The weight slammer - This guy needs it known to everyone that he is about to DB bench 50s. He gets his weight, takes it to his bench, and then drops them from an upright standing position 4 feet to the ground, as if he was carrying 5 tons and needed a break. You should be shot.

Well, those are just a few i've noticed, what about you guys?


I hate the guy that is mad about the girl who is only strong enough to lift the bar :wink:


People that don't take showers and stink up the whole gym.


hmm sounds like someone went to Fike today.

I hated those people that would sit around a bench and dance. Usually a few guys and thier girlfriends who were in normal street clothes and only there to watch their man.

They also were the "thugs" of Clemson. I'm sorry you are from SC...there is no "hood" only cow fields.


squat rack curls
underdressed fat people
weird hats/bandanas
straps while shrugging 135 pounds
mixing powders in the gyn


There's nothing wrong with grunting.


i'm not from sc, thank god, i'm from chicago and atlanta.


i'm not mad about the girl, as i said, i think it is great she is trying to better herself, but that should not come at the expense of someone that can actually use the bench.


I mix protein powder and gin all the time. What of it?


mmmm. yummy. try mixing it with vodka and milk-plus sometime. gets you all pumped up for a bit of the old ultra-violence.


I vote no. Who are you to tell someone they don't have the right to use a piece of equipment if they are using it properly, but with a light weight. I suppose no one should be allowed in the sacred squat rack if they can't do 315 ATG too?

Maybe I was just really weak, but the bar seemed really heavy when I first started benching.


Lol unless you are dancing around with some girl watching you I wasn't talking about you man! I was talking about the ones "repping their shit", doing the heel toe at the bench.

Haha being from DC I wanted to go up to the and smack'em up side the head, but they weren't worth my time.


My point exactly. Public gyms are not a "boys only" club, they have just as much right to be there and use the equipment as you do.


Because it is more important that I use the bench press.

And you're right, no one should be allowed in the "sacred squat rack" if they do not know what they are doing. There are plenty of people that do not do ATG, and I am one of them, but when you take a squat rack to do barbell curls, then you need to get out of everyones way because you are taking up space.


I didn't realize that there is a gym hierarchy that puts you above me simply because I have tits and you can bench more.

Apparently I haven't mastered internet sarcasm.


Now hold on a second, there are plenty of men in the gym that have tits and i view them the same way i view a girl taking up a bench. If you don't like it, then go join curves.


You have it backwards, she WINS because she has tits.


but by that logic, fat guys win because they have tits.


I pay the same gym fees that you do. If you want to control who uses what equipment, get a home gym.

Curves does not have bands or boards. And I'm pretty sure they dont allow chalk.


D'oh! Lol good come back.