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The Gym on FitTv


I was flipping thru my channel guide and apparently there's a reality show on FitTv entitled "The Gym." From the 10 minutes I could stomach, I think it follows the personal trainers from a particular gym around. I watched this old trainer (like 40s or at least he looked it) working out with two younger ones. They warmed up on leg extensions for squats. I thought, well at least they're doing squats. They started doing them and knees are going over toes, backs are going a LITTLE too far foward, but honestly, it wasn't awful. You know what's coming next. Then they start putting weight on. The tall trainer does 2 or 3 of the shallowest reps you could possibly do with 365. The older one does 2 with 405 and of course the tall one has to show him up. I dont know how the older one didnt call bullsh-t on the abominations that this idiot was calling squats. why even bother putting a bar on your back if thats what youre going to do? Had to be seen to be believed. And yes, I am a workout snob, very judgmental.

Anyway, has anyone else seen this? Does it manage to carry a series? Is the unintentional comedy always so abundant?


I tried to tune in every week, but within 5-10 minutes I was so bored that I found myself doing something else unintentionally. Now I've given up.

It's terrible, at least they did squats when you watched. The one time I saw weights being discussed, the long haired trainer claimed the rope attachment was for size and mass, and the v-handle was for sculpting and tone or some such nonsense.