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The Gym and Grades?

Hey wsup all
A little bit about my current situation. I’m currently a junior in high school, and as most of you know junior year is the most important year in high school because it’s what colleges look at most. Now, my situation is that during the spring I have always run outdoor track and have done fairly well. However, this year, I want to really step up my game and try to be captain of my team. So during the winter, I’ve decided I want to add some strength so that when I do lots of sprinting in the spring, I’ll improve faster and will be a stronger runner in general.

But the only issue is, when I lift weights, it seems I can’t really focus on homework. After a session of squats, I feel very tired about 2-3 hours later, and usually cannot stay awake to do my homework. Do you guys have any tips to help me concentrate after a CNS-sensitive session at the gym?


Man Up.

You need to create a schedule and plan to both study and train.

It is not that difficult. If you’re tired after squating then study first and squat second.

Not sure of your exact schedule, mate, but stop your bitching and work it out.

As Yoda says:
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Do your homework if at all possible before you squat. If not, do it right afterwards before the fatigue hits you. If not that, then take a small 30 minute nap directly after your workout shake, then get up and go. That tends to work for me.

I was captain of the wrestling team. Usually, coaches have a pretty good idea who’s going to be leading the team the year before. Hint, it’s not always the one who has the most success. Usually someone who can lead the team and make others want to follow. I’d work on that.

Funny, I study better after I work out.

Bro I know what you mean. Sometimes it happens, I’m in Uni and during exams I switch to whole body stuff. In one session I might do heavy deads, heavy front squats, heavy military press and then heavy pullups.

Sometimes after that I feel I can’t study but heck I need to lift and I need to release all that stress.

Just take a 10-15 minute nap and try to lift before noon.

Lifting in general makes me want to sleep more… 8 hours full. I would prefer to sleep only 5 or 6 but w/e.

also try to do the intense stuff on fri, sat, or sun.

try playing with your schedule as mentioned above. Maybe you can wake up early, do hw, go to class and workout in the afternoon eat dinner and sleep. Do you drink coffee? I don’t drink alot so when i have a cup it can pull me through

Just keep with it, if you’re squating heavy now, chances are you’re ahead of the curve of your peers, and I’m sure you’re coach would love to see the drive you’ve got working out in the off season.

good luck

Try lifting early in the morning before class. Its not fun, and you’ll probably be less alert for morning classes, as well as the workouts being harder until you adjust to the schedule.
You’ll feel like crashing around lunchtime, but you have a break and a decent breakfast and lunch you’ll be a lot more awake in the afternoon and evenings. At least thats my experience, anyhow.