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The Guy's opinion

Since you guys seem to have lots of opinions on hair, what do think about women’s pubic hair? Shaved clean? A little trim off the edges? Au natural? If I were a guy, the bald look would make me feel like a pedophile, especially if she was flat chested!

Trimmed or natural. Bald looks like a little girl…not my cup of tea.

Little to none is my preference. I shave mine, so seeing an unshaved … would make me sick. I hate hair anywhere besides the scalp.

A famed running coach used to say “Do what comes naturally, as long as it’s biomechanically sound. If it isn’t, then do what’s biomechanically sound until it becoomes natural.” So how does this relate? Well, I’d say go natural, as long as it doesn’t get in the way (odor, hygiene issues, tangles), otherwise trim as necessary. The shaved thing doesn’t intrigue me all that much. I’ve seen shaved (in pictures), and it’s no big deal. I know some guys REALY go for the shaved thing, but not me.

I would not go down on a woman who did not have a shower very recently and is not cleanly shaved - landing strip is acceptable too. For all other purposes - very shortly trimmed is a prerequisite.

I’ve never been with a girl who was shaved clean, so my opinion on it as of now is that it looks “too young”…but I might change my mind once I get a taste. I like a short trim, personally. Au natural…she better be worth it.

Kim, trim it down very close and shape it into a nice triangle. Very, very sexy. Whatever you do, do not let it grow into a bird’s nest!

bald or a little racing stripe. if the girl has more than a little racing stripe, then no box munching for her. i like bald b/c its nice and smooth. if i wanted to go down on a girl who is all natural i would just put a can of tuna on the floor of great clips and eat it.

no hair is nice…but so is a little bit as long as my tongue doesn’t have to touch it.

Landing strip or bald. No, I do not have a thing for young girls, I’m just not a big fan of any type of body hair.

Definitely neatly trimmed. No out of control hippy stuff, but worse is totally clean shaven. It’s way too much like a little girl, which is revolting.

No hair on the lips, but a little above is okay; landing strip or small patch, basically…cut short.

Oh man, can o tuna on the floor at Great Clips. That is fucking funny as hell.

I prefer the landing strip as well, but must be trimmed fairly short. Shaven can be fun to look at, if she has a nice one, but other than that, I agree about the little girl thing.

I like the mars bar/Hitler thing.

I know porno makers & stripper bosses want the girls to do it so eveeryone can see the meat. Obviously if a girl’s like Christy Canyon she won’t need to do it though.

Talking about Hilter and pussy in the same sentance? Porn stars named Christy Canyon? I don’t want to know what you’re doing up at 2:30 in the morning.

I did both shaved and unshaved bitches, would have to agree with ROCK(see above). If you take a look at the latest issues of playboy you’ll see thats what many models do nowadays.

Doesn’t that landing strip thing look like Hitler’s moustache? & Christy Canyon is a living legend! In the 80’s, she was way more popular than Jenna Jameson has ever been.

Nick, you have a way with words.