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I guess it's my turn to show some balls, and actually have a log.

I've been training for about 7 months, 5 of those being pretty serious, where as the first two, were mainly training for like 3 hours a session, doing mainly cable or machine exercises. Needles to say, my training partner had an odd aditude "anything less than 2 hours in the gym is for pussys, and one must do as many different exercises as posible" - I did grow in this period, but that was mainly newby gains.

I started off at 156lbs @ 6'5, which is of course insanely skinny. Currently I am sitting at 195lbs, so I'm getting there.

Age: 18
Height: 6'5
Weight: 195 lbs
BF%: 11-13%
Level: Beginner

Workout stats:
Bench: 80-85kg (1rm)
Squat: 70kg (3x5) (Wtf is up with this?)
Deadlift: 135kg (1RM)

ST: 100kg+ bench, 120kg+ squat, 160+ deadlift
LT: 150kg+ bench, 180kg+ squat, 240kg+ deadlift; 240lbs lbs at 10-13% BF

So let's see where I am in septemper.

I've recently adopted split training (As I'm having spring break, and actually have the time) and will be training 5-6 days a week.


I'm no expert, but you might consider taking out day 7 and making it a rest day if you plan on being fresh for Chest/back again on Day 1. You might even do

Legs (squat)
Legs (deadlift)

Your shoulders and arms are going to be hit every session, then just pound them on the last day of the week, rest, and start over.

Just a suggesiton. I'm sure others will chime in.


He can also mix two days, say shoulders on monday, and arms on thursday.


Thanks for the feedback.

I will consider both ideas, but I'd like to try this one out first, and see how my body actually reacts to it.
If I can't handle it, I will cut down to 5 days.

SUPER training today!

Chest-Back day

Bench press

Warm up
1x12 at 55kg (Rep pr)

Gym closed.

I hate holydays! I'll have to do this again tommorow..


Chest-Back day (without the gym closing on me)

Bench press

1x12 @ bar
1x12 @ 40kg
3x12 @ 55kg (volume PR)

Dumbell row

1x12 @ 26kg
2x12 @ 28kg

Incline dumbell press

1x12 @ 16kg
1x12 @ 20kg
1x8 @ 20kg
1x10 @ 20kg

Seated row

1x12 @ 35kg
3x12 @ 45kg

While I did get PR in my bench press, I felt very tired and unmotivated throughout the rest of the session.

Now, I'm off for a ½gallon of milk, as I don't have protein powder atm, damn mail service taking too long.


Just a quick question.

As you may have noticed I'm training with straight sets, and I'm considering going over to ramping the weight instead. What do you guys prefer?

I'm leaning towards ramping the weight, as I'll be doing heavier weights on my last set, which I reckon is very beneficial.



Back Squat


3x3 @ 70kg



3x10 @ 80kg


3x12 @ something something

Back raises






3x 1 min


Hammies are pretty damn sore today.

Bench press:


1x12 at 132lbs(PR)
1x10 at 132lbs
1x10 at 132lbs

Incline barbell benchpress


1x8 at 90lbs
1x5 at 90lbs
1x3 at 110lbs

Okay.. That was weak. I blame the flat bench press beforehand.

Lat pulldown

1x12 at 132lbs
1x10 at 143lbs
1x6 at 154lbs

Shoulder press

3x10 at 80lbs

Triceps pushdowns

3x 10-12 at whatever weight.

Happy with my PR today. But everything else felt off again. Sigh.


Straight sets are fine. So's ramping the weight. It's all part of experimenting...at your level I tend to lean more towards straight sets personally, but it's just my preference.


So, today was leg day..


3x5 @ 242lbs

Front squat

I had hurt my ancle, could only do one set of 7 reps, was simply too painful. Besides, my lowerback were very fatiuged after the deadlift, so I don't think front squats are very optimal after heavy deadlifting, I'll try lunges next time.

Pull through

3x12 @ something. (I don't really bother with the weight, when it's just on the cable machine)


3x12 @ BW+ 10lbs, I'll have to use more weight, but I'm kinda adjusting to this movement, so I'll take it abit slow.


It was actually a good workout, even though the squatting sucked, but there is not much to do when your foot is messed up..

Aragon: Straight sets are fine. So's ramping the weight. It's all part of experimenting...at your level I tend to lean more towards straight sets personally, but it's just my preference.

Okay, I'll keep that in mind.

Going for a max in bench tommorow. I'm really hoping for 200lbs. But we'll see.


Så var der bænk!


1x194lbs (PR)

Almost got the 200..Still satisfied.

standing dumbell shoulderpress

3x10 @ 40lbs (Never really did standing version)

Lat pulldown

3x9 @ 154lbs (Pretty sure this is a PR)


3x10 @ 65lbs

That's it for today. Not sure if I'll go tommorow.


Hey mate what happened to your log?