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The Guru Appreciation Thread

What about the people who MADE champions?..

Please keep in mind that this thread ain’t just about weightlifting. Powerlifting admirers are welcome too…

People who popped out of my head when I came up with this thread:

Ivan Abhadjiev
Louie Simmons
Alexander Sergeyevitch Prilepin

Oh my God…

So is this how it’s gonna be?

If I could have anyone coach me, I would pick Kurlovich for sure, followed by Vardanian. Rigert would be an awesome pick too, as would Zacharievich.

Going old school. . . Bob Peoples, Mighty Atom, Saxon, Goerner, Warren Lincoln Travis all would be awesome. Getting instruction from Dan John and/or Pavel would be pretty cool. My mentor was a guy called Bill Clark. Coudn’t have asked for a better mentor.

First and only person to have ever performed a zercher and steinborn lift over 400lbs in a single meet. Bad bench presser though. If I had the time I would like to meet and learn from Dennis Rogers. If I had a lot of time I would learn from a local strongman Steve Schmidt. Known to few. . . the guy is famous for pulling a 50,000 lb train with teeth and bending some outrageously large horseshoes. Good lifting!

[quote]Galvatron wrote:
If I could have anyone coach me, I would pick Kurlovich for sure,[/quote]

If wanted to work on technique, I’d pick him too. For my training loads, I’d have Abadjiev massacre me. (even though I actually couldn’t handle it)

TYPE2B is the greatest internet guru ever…

[quote]BAdWolf wrote:
TYPE2B is the greatest internet guru ever…[/quote]

The Win.


Thank you BadWolf and Avocado. :slight_smile: