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The Gun Thread

I started a thread awhile back inquiring about a new rifle, well I finally purchased a 1939 Mosin Nagant.

Field stripped her, and everything looks A ok.
These rifles are known to be pretty damn reliable, loud, with a huge muzzle flash.

I took her to the range last Saturday and had a great time.
This was a big jump from my Winchester .22 but it was cool. Shoulder was definitely sore after this trip.

Anyways, this is pointless without pics so here are a few.

And if anyone else is a firearm enthusiast please feel free to share any and all information about your firearms/experiences.

My next purchase will either be a good pump shotgun, or Berreta 92fs.






Winchester .22LR, 1939 91/30 Mosin Nagant, Remington 11-48 Auto Shotgun

I have a taurus model 66 7 shot .357 I plan on getting a mossberg 500 before next hunting season.

another pic

barretta storm. 9mm

32rd extended mags
EoTech Holigraphic sight
Red dot laser

I have several guns, a classic double shotgun, a mossberg 500, a 22 lever action, and a 30-30, plus a glock 22. I bought the glock 22 in my mispent youth, (which I am still spending) and in retrospect, wish like hell I had bought a ruger gp100. When I have disposable dollars, I will be getting one of those.

I’ve shown my rifle on a few other threads, but might as well put it up here as well.

This is a Springfield Scout Squad M1A, with an 18 inch barrel, glass bedded to a laminated birch stock and match-grade rebuilt with National Match GI parts by Clint McKee of Fulton Armory.

Another view.

The rifle originally had a brown fiberglass handguard and barrel-mounted forward scope mount, but I removed those and put on a black plastic handguard from Fulton, shown here. Also, in this picture I have a tritium front sight installed (same as is on the SOCOM-16), but I usually use the thinner National Match front sight.

I bought a Polish 1939 Mauser about 2 years ago. It’s a great fucking gun.

I was also givin a 16 gauge shotgun, my father passed me on his ol’ .22 and the “family” (mostly my dad and me) own a vintage .44 revolver (dated somewhere around 1901).

Colt Combat Government Model .45 pistol, the first firearm I ever owned, which I bought at the age of fifteen, new, for five hundred dollars.

Sadly, no longer in my possession.

My current collection:

-Ruger 10/22 w/Barska 3-9x32 “Plinker” model scope.
-Marlin 925R, stock. Just picked this one up today after the 10 day waiting period
-Remington M3A3. Inherited this one from my grandfather. All original parts on it.

I’ll be picking up a Savage 93R17 .17 HMR this Friday. Got lots of squirrels to shoot. :slight_smile:

The HK-91, which is probably the third best main battle rifle in the world.* I owned this rifle for a while, and was quite impressed with its ruggedness and simplicity.

Not so impressed with its execrable trigger and weird sights. But if it were all I had, I’d be fine with it.

It’s not a tack-driver, but it’ll keep all twenty rounds on a sheet of typing paper at three hundred meters. And that, friends, is good enough.

*Numbers one and two being the M14 and the FN-FAL. In that fucking order, god damn it. :wink:

A FN-FAL? really? freaking yuck.

shooting a SR-25. really impressed with it.

[quote]xb-C wrote:

My next purchase will either be a good pump shotgun, or Berreta 92fs.


coming from someone with military experience, i have a distaste for the 92fs.

HOWEVER, tarus does make a pretty sweet clone of the 92 in 17+1. runs smooth and has ambidex saftey and mag release. something to check out…

I owned one of these cursed things, too.

SPAS-12 pump/auto shotgun. It looks cool, but it’s too heavy for its own good, and that folding stock sucks shit. I like shotguns, but I don’t love shotguns. If I ever owned another 12-gauge, it’d be a Remington 1187, not another one of these monsters. Never again.

If I’m going to be carrying a weapon that weighs ten pounds, it damn well better be a battle rifle.

[quote]xb-C wrote:

Hell yeah. My Dad has that. Recoil was a bitch the first time I used it.

Personally love my G29, ton of power, especially in such a small package. Its one hell of a cartridge and way to often overlooked.