The Gun Show: Heath vs. Priest

Im having this debate with my friend who seems to think phil heath has the best arms now and ever in the ifbb, i think its lee priest what do you guys think. Who has the better arms heath or priest? Ive never seen priest in real life but ive seen heaths arms while he was sitting next to me and while they are fucking huge i still think priest tops him.

Priest’s forearms are nearly as big as his biceps, I think his arms are more impressive. However because phil heath is taller, his arms would probably be a lot bigger if you saw them side by side.

phil’s probably took a lot more work…cause hes like…taller and stuff

but +1 on the forearms for priest…

I think heath’s are bigger, but nobody has the forearm size like priest.

only 3 people have opionons on this come on im sure theres more

They’re very close, but I’m gonna go with Priest.

Do you think Priest has those forearms because his arms are so short and he needs to use heavier weights to stimulate muscles the same as somebody with longer arms?

Lee Priest!!!

It’s more likely that Priest has the forearms he does because he has small hands; It’s the whole premise behind fat/thick bars and products like the Tyler grip.


heath 2008 olympia

better compariison contest priest not a off season pic 2006 iron man

Heath’s forearms look better than Priest’s in that contest comparison.

[quote]crod266 wrote:
only 3 people have opionons on this come on im sure theres more[/quote]

Its because you started a thread asking to compare and give opinions without any pics. We all know who Priest and Heath are but without pics it makes the thread boring.

Personally I like Heath better. Arms and overall. But as you can see from my avatar I’m a bit biased.

I’m gonna have to go with Heath on this one. I like Priest, but Heath’s arms are just more visually appealing to me.

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HAHAHAHA, I’ve just showed this thread to my my mother (who is down for christmas).

“That is just grotesque”. She said.

Oh well!


Holy shit… we must have the same mum! lol

I’m gonna go ahead and say Priest just because he’s almost as short as me and therefore is my hero:)

I’ll have to go with priest on arms, although heath’s forearms definately look bigger. It’s also clear that Heath is a much bigger guy, but look at how long Priest’s upper arm is and how thick it is. Heath can’t beat that. Lee’s arms are like fucking basketballs of muscle with bowling pins coming out of them. He looks much fuller.

Priest beats heath in the arms race. And its not just his upper arms, his formarms are fuckin massive! In fact, I dont think many bodybuilders beat priest in terms of mass. Afterall, they guy is what, 5’6", 5’7"? And how much does he bloddy weigh, even in contest shape?