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The Guest Forum is Coming!

This Friday we’re planning on launching the Guest Forum. This will be a new category of the T-forum where one T-mag contributor will field questions on any topic you want to throw at him. Think of it as an interactive Q and A column. The guest spot will last one week only.

Starting this Friday, strength and conditioning coach Chad Waterbury will be our special guest. If you haven’t read Chad’s stuff, mosey over to the Previous Issues section and take a look. Chad has a lot to offer and some of his ideas about training and hypertrophy may surprise you.

So start thinking of questions; this Friday it’s on!

This is chewy-sweet.

T-mag is unbelievable. Constantly improving week in and week out. Like it wasn’t awesome enough having forums moderated by Coach Davies and Christian Thibaudeau. We also have access to Chris Shugart, Bill Roberts and it appears that even good ol’ John Berardi is back posting. Now this. All I can say is Gotta Have My T-Mag.

Rightious, dudes…I’m looking forward to this!

I think this will be a fantastic addition to the forum!
Chad will have his work cut out for him but I’m sure he’s more than ready for the questions.
Bring the “guest forum”!

Will the forums be archived?

Cool! T-mag is the best and keeps getting better.

thanks for listening to our suggestions. this was one of the things i thought might be cool. good job. laters pk

While we’re at it, how about a newbies forum, or perhaps a stupid questions forum where questions which have been asked 1000 times before but not covered in FAQ are answered via cut n paste.
I hope JB’s results on lift proportions find some kind of permenant home on that note.
How about making a series on 'studies which prove the unholy things taken as gospel here. I can’t find much with the search engine.

S-lifter - I’m not sure. I assume the Q and A’s will show up when using the search engine. However, I think we may wipe the Guest Forum clean after each contributor puts in his week. So after a week you may want to cut and paste all the threads you’d like to keep handy.


I’d really prefer that the guest forum content is not refreshed (i.e. erased completely) because it will have a lot of valuable info for everyone.




This is a simply outstanding idea! Thanks for the continual innovations!


Incredible! Why go anywhere else but T-mag?! Much respect for Waterbury! He’s an up and coming “guru” in my opinion.

Who’s up next after him?


TEK: John Berardi, Cy Willson, Don Alessi, Lonnie Lowrey and Bill Roberts have all agreed to do a week in the Guest Forum. I haven’t asked everyone yet though.

What time would he be on?

Get Alessi in here ASAP. This brother has so much to offer we can’t afford to wait.

WHOA, NELLIE!!! Did I hear right? Don Alessi is coming to the guest forum??? KICK ASS!!!