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The Guantanamo Files


American Counter Intelligence Gone Wrong

More than 700 leaked secret files on the Guantánamo detainees lay bare the inner workings of America's controversial prison camp in Cuba.



Yes, Isn't Julian Assange a perverted traitor? Let's hope these files reveal more facts like:

  • Inmates getting imported honeyed dates and other treats.

  • Inmates having 'film nights' and gardening and art classes.

  • Inmates getting released then immediately joining Al Qaeda in Iraq or the Afghan insurgency.

  • Inmates demanding that their Korans are only allowed to be touched by 'infidels' who are wearing surgical gloves and US compliance with that demand.


It does not surprise me that this is ignored on PWI.


I actually am surprised. I figured people would jump all over this. I guess no one is really paying attention to this news.


No he isnt, why do you ask?

Ah, I know, because you unceitically swallow whatever the MSM dish out.


What is there to say?

We knew that people were tortured, we knew that European citizens were kidnapped and detained, we knew that many, if not most there were innocent and just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And we also know that some people think that if the US government can do it to those people they would never ever do it to them, even though it already repeatedly has.

For further references, see Sexmachines post.

Ecce homo.


A convicted computer hacker who aquires classified government secrets of an allied state during wartime then releases them to the general public? If only we'd had a Julian Assange during WWII we could have revealed the D-day plans to the general public and thus the Germans. Wouldn't that have been great? Power to the people dude!

NOTE: Oft-cited military historian Basil Liddell Hart, did in fact aquire the D-day plans and went around showing off his criticisms of them and presenting his own plans to show how clever he was. When questioned as to how he had aquired the plans for Operation Overlord, including the code names of the beaches, he claimed he had 'figured it out himself'. This was only revealed a few years ago after the release of MI5 files.

What a clever man! I always wondered how someone could've expanded common sense and a basic military tactic into a 450 page book and called it his theory of 'the indirect approach'. Did you know that attacking the front of the enemy is not as effective as attacking the flanks or rear? Who would've known?





Huh? I thought you wanted to discuss the release of an allied state's classified secrets to the general public in the midst of a worldwide war? Or perhaps why GITMO detainees are detainees as opposed to cadavers we've finished 'interrogating'.