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The Grudge

Anyone see this movie yet? Scared the pee pee out of me.

It scared the holy be-jesus out of me. I thought I’d have permanent heart problems afterwards!

Yeah, this movie is a bit disturbing. My girlfriend had nightmares for two nights afterwards.

Thanks for the report guys. I was wondering it The Grudge was any good. My girl and I will have to check it out.

By the way, has anyone seen the commercials for Saw? It opens this Friday and looks pretty freaky.

Wait till you see the movie SAW. That movie will make you think.

Saw looks very disturbing. I’ve heard it’s even worse than Se7en in that respect. So, I’ll be sure to see it!

I’ll have to check these out. Just saw Arlington Road a bit ago (yeah, I know, old movie) – good one.

Yeah, the grudge was pretty damned scary. I knew what was going to happen in each scene, but I still jumped when it did.

Sequel talk already: http://www.comingsoon.net/news.php?id=6911

Anyone seen the Japanese original, Ju-On?

I requested the original from Netflix, but I’ve got a couple movies to go through before I get it sent to me. I’ll let you know, but I’ve heard it’s better. Of course everyone says that about originals.

To-Shin Do

I hate to admit it but it freaked the hell out of me too.


I haven’t seen this yet but “The Ring” freaked the hell out of me. I never turned my TV on for about a week.

I can’t even remember the last time I was scared by a movie (thought the ring sucked). I have to admit though this one made me turn the lights on when I got home. I called my date and made that creepy noise when I got home around 2 in the morning and she said she didn’t sleep at all that night. LOL!

Made me wanna dropkick the next lil asian person I saw once I left the theatre. Luckily there was none around.

[quote]iluminatae wrote:
I haven’t seen this yet but “The Ring” freaked the hell out of me. I never turned my TV on for about a week.

This beats The Ring even though there are similarities. This had me spooked and I don’t scare that easily. The faces and the film work was great. The disjointed story line kept your attention. The only complaint I have is that I didn’t like the ending. I was expecting more than that.

I was hoping to see Sara MichelleGellar’s Titty’s or ass.

I saw the Japanese original “Ju-On”. Although it has the scare elements, but if you actually try to follow the storyline it will confuse the shit out of you. And after a while, every one looks the same to me. I can’t even tell who’s who anymore. It almost seem like the the producers just wanted to produce a scary movie and said “fuck the story, who cares if the movie dosn’t make sense, you were scared weren’t you?”. This also seems to apply to just about all the asian horror films. This made me swear not watching any more asian horror films.

Maybe I’ve just watched too many horror movies but I thought it SUCKED! I almost walked out halfway through it. There were some startling scenes but all-in-all, I was disappointed.

The last scary movie I saw was ‘Dawn of the Dead’. I loved it, but I was crapping myself. Had to close the bedroom door for a few nights after that 2 get to sleep.

I did see SAW this past weekend and have to say it is a very good movie. However, I will say it is not quite as scary and disturbing as The Grudge. The Grudge has many more jumpy and creepy scenes and SAW is more of an intelligent psychological thriller. I am by no means taking anything away from SAW though cause it is a very good movie very similar to the style of SEVEN. My reccomendation is to watch them both.
Oh yeah, DAWN OF THE DEAD was not near as good when i rented it as it was in the theater. I guess my 20 inch tv couldn’t quite reproduce the startling sounds that the theater created.

the only thing scary about that turd of a movie is that it cost me $18 to see…could there have been any more lame-ass ‘scary’ cliches? doubtful…

the only thing that could possibly make that movie worth seeing is if they added a sceen with Buffy sucking on a cock to completion…or possibly is she got fucked with a strap-on by the arthritic ghost…

…what’s up with all the nuevo ghosts with arthritis anyways? Perhaps they wouldn’t be so pissed if someone just tossed them a tylenol or two.