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The Grow! Scoop


The scoop design is something I have always lived with, angling my container and slowly trying to shake a scoop of grow with without spilling a precious drop. I've always just accepted the fact that a scoop was a scoop and unless I was willing to use a shaker and make 2 rather than 1 shake at a time, I was doomed to the dreaded pouring ritual.

That is until a couple of weeks ago! Metabolic Drive Choc and Grow! Choc out of stock! So I ordered another brand to tie me over until grow was back in stock. To my shock and amazement I dug the scoop out and it was different. Not some amazing design but a simple difference, the handle was in the center of the scoop allowing the top to be placed inside my shaker with no spillage!

While I will save this scoop to use with Grow!, it's simple little things that make our lives easier, Biotest, maybe you could consider changing your scoop supplier?


???? How narrow a cup do you use to mix your shakes? Why not use a shaker? And what did you mean by making 2 instead of 1?


Shakers are little small and the ones I have are snap tops, so I can't carry them premade. I use rubbermaid quart containers, the top of the scoop would fit perfectly in the hole if the handle wasn't in the way.

I've been using these for years and they work great and don't leak and I can mix a Grow! shake to the consistency I prefer.

Just an annoyance, but so easily fixed, surely I'm not the only one that uses these bottles.


Perhaps not, but you are the first person i have ever seen complain about the ones Biotest uses


I think he needs to adapt, improvise, and overcome.


My favorite scoop...


Yeh, yeh, yeh. Everyone except for one company uses the same scoop. I was just easily entertained by the fact that someone created a simple change that made such a difference. Otherwise I would continue on my ignorant way.
I would have never brought it up, except that Grow! is my drink of choice and thought others may benefit. I'll stop whinning now and toss the normal scoops in favor of the other guys. (if Choc Grow! ever gets back in stock)


Do you have a picture of the other one? It does sound interesting. I would think the way you described it, it would be more difficult to actually scoop out of the Grow! container.


I also prefer the "In-The-Middle-of-the-scoop" Desgign.


Nice pic Lonnie!


A simple way to skirt this issue is to transfer the two scoops of powder (or however much you use in one serving) to a paper cup. You can then bend the cup to form a sharp pouring spout into your narrow shaker opening.


in my experience the paper cup trick has been too messy, perhaps im impatient *i am. back in the day when i messed around with creatine i always mixed it in bottles of deer park and such, none of which lend themselves nicely to "scoop" size. i always grabbed an envelope, ripped it in half, then ripped off the bottom corner. stick the ripped corner into the top of the bottle and there you go, a funnel. PM me for address of where to send my prize, thanks.


i mix my Metabolic Drive in a blender with a little bit of water, then pour it into my narrow container, and to correct the consistency i add water to the "dirty " blender, jsut enough to get all the particulate on the sides into solution, i mix it again, and throw that in with the first mix.

that way i get a clean blender, and perfectly mixed shake every time.

by the way why do you use only 1 scoop of Grow! in a shake


you coul just save the scoop from the other jug, put it on the fridge say, and just use THAT scoop inside the Grow!.


I've made a funnel out of a 2L coke bottle. Just cut around the bottle with a knife. I've been using this for mixing up shakes in all kinds of container's without any issues.


Scotch tape and a piece of paper will make you a perfectly functioning funnel as well. OR...just get a funnel! You can always slice a little bit off of the spout to make it wider.
As far as the crappy scoops go, I guess nobody has ever brought it up to the companies, or they don't care. Maybe I should market a powder with a good scoop, or a set of differently-sized scoops of various sizes, to match different companies dosages. I would make them with an integrated pour spout. Hmmm.


I used to tear sheets out of my notebooks to create a funnel. Also, when you don't have any tape, you learn to fold paper up to make little "on the go" packets of protein.