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The Grindhouse (WS4SB3)

This thread will serve as my training/rehab log

my current routine is WS4SB3, ive choosen this program because of my max lifts are laughable
even though my interest is mostly in bodybuilding, id figure id try some west side for a change of pace

i have two “injuries right now” one is too my lower back from terrible form deadlifts
and another is a knee injury which i received while playing highschool football.
I don’t really think its an injury anymore because the actuall knee doesnt bother me,
but on heavy squats it causes my knee to fall into my body. This is what i am trying to solve right now

as for my diet, im trying to gain mass so im trying hard to eat as much as i can
and i always try and keep things as clean as possible

Now im fairly new to the iron game, im definately still a newb, but i’ve been training hard since january. only started to eat the proper amount to gain mass the last couple ofweeks though!

anyways tomorrow is ME Low body day…but i cant squat heavy due to the knee problem
(dont need another a new injury caused by bad form squats) but tomorrow i intend to find
the lightest amount possible that causes me knee to dive in and i am going to take a video of it.
Mr.Mike robinson said if i posted a video he could tell me what to do for this problem.

anyways tonight was rep upperbody day…however i think ill start posting my workouts and hopefully some pics this coming monday!

Im curious about your WS4SB3 Log. I will also do a log about my training. Have fun with it and dont overstrain your knee. I know what problem this could be.