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Nothing special here, just your average dude who enjoys weight training + talking, reading & learning about it ..

So feel free to drop in to give advice, comment or ask a question if you ever want to ..

Good Singles
S: 220kg (High Bar) - anymore and my Rack wobbles, won't buy new one until I earn it ..
FS: 160kg
B: 150kg
DL: 250kg (conv. hook grip) - all the weight I own, will buy more once I earn it ..

Have just started a High Frequency Block after gathering information

This is purely experimental as it seemed like something worth trying, prior this I was doing the 6 & 3 Blocks from Christian Thibaudeau's Density Training ..

Goals etc. (Main)
- 200kg High Bar Squat for daily sets of 3-5
- Gain better mobility for Push Press i.e. Bar sits similar to an Olympic Stance for further progression into learning the Clean. (Catch)
- Improve Bench after recovering from a Wrist Injury
- Improve Snatch Grip DL form / technique

Base Template

DAY 1 & 3

DAY 2 & 4

Choose one of ea.

The First Week so far

DAY 1 & 3

A. Squat (High Bar)
200kg x 1
180kg x 2

B. Push Press
100kg x 1
90 x 2

C. Rep Based: Pull & Chin Variations, Bandwork, Mob etc.

DAY 2 & 4

A. Snatch Grip DL
180kg x 1
120kg - Low Pull Practice

B. Bench
130kg x 1 - 3
115kg x 3 x 1 - 3

C. Rep Based: Pull & Chin Variations, Bandwork, Mob etc.