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The Green Hornet?




edit quote (I did not even know this was being made, Kato and the Green Hornet).


Maybe this is a better link




Ok, now that looks great! just enough of a comedic element. Originally I wasn't sure when I heard who was going to be in it, but I'm feeling positive after seeing the trailer.



It looked OK till the used up crackhead showed up at 1:39.


He got nothin' on the Brown Hornet!


u and I sir agree on most things ... this being one of them ... she has not aged well


Yep...she looked great in "The Mask" and I think we could soon after see where she spent that paycheck.


The movie looks great. That's not the guy from Harold and Kumar is it?

If she ever puts on weight she's done. If she takes a couple years off and then comes back it will be ugly and she knows it lol. Everyone will be asking WTF happened to her face, but if she keeps putting out a flick or two a year it will be a less noticible decline...maybe.


Well the shelf life for any woman in Hollywood is not great. And I mean they have to be great Character Actors to survive Hollywood Time not Father Time.

I'm not sure I have ever seen the Kato actor before.


according to his IMDB, he's been in mostly foreign films...


I'm TIRED of Seth Rogan. At east that other fat-ass isn't in it as well.

I used to watch the Green Hornet when I was a little kid. Bruce Lee as Kato.


^ He does seem like a guy I'd actually know rather than a movie star of any kind, if you know what I mean. Same with Adam Sandler. I feel like I went to high school with those guys.
Oh, and they would've been the smug assholes I would've hated in high school at that.


I've read all these reports saying the movie is bad but honestly that trailer made me want to catch this movie.


TOTALLY agree with this!

I so badly want to bitch slap Adam Sandler.

Why did it have to be Chris Farley? Why? WHY?!