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The Greatness Of "Bandbells" (and a New Way to Load Push Ups!)

Been playing around with “bandbells” lately, and impressed would be an understatement.

I read articles about them from Westside and Joel Seedman, and I thought I’d give em a shot. Doubled up two bands and hung a pair of 25s from an empty bar. OH presses. A few sets in and I started going deeper and deeper and noticed that for the first time in TEN years my left elbow stopped snapping around the midway point. I was in love.

I then began to play around with other exercises. Curls and reverse lunges worked great, especially with the lunges I really had to focus. The next day I was sore in all the right places.

Since then I’ve been keeping them regularly in my rotation and my “snapping tricep syndrome” has seemingly been cured, along with various shoulder and back aches.

Now to the push ups:

  1. Double up a single band the same way you would for bandbells, and string under plates.

  2. Place bands over head and through armpit like you would with chains (making an X around back, the plates should line up vertically-ish).

  3. Setup tripod formation for feet and hands, high enough so hanging weights don’t hit the ground.

  4. You can figure out the rest, this is injuries and rehab afterall. Start slow, but experiment eventually with different rep speeds for “chaos” effect.

I’ve been loving this exercise. More comfortable and economical than chains. Allows scapula movement unlike bench. Easy to linearly progress so far. Has some of the same training effect of bandbells (mass of suspended load vs mass of upper torso to be taken into consideration).

Give it a shot if possible and if it doesn’t hurt. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed.