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The Greatest Show on Earth (The Only Game in Town)


Anyone else interested in reading it? I'm just about to re-read Climbing Mount Improbable and brush up before it comes out.

For those who are confused:

He's never really gone in depth into the evidence out there in his books (probably because it's so readily accessible), so I think is is directed at the naysayers. Although that said, they'll never read it.


You've been around here awhile, you must have some idea of what you've just started... I bet this thread hits at least 10 pages of people who have never even studied biology in their lives arguing back and forth about the evidence for evolution.


I like that guy, haven't read his books, but I've watched a lot of his book discussion videos on youtube. He makes a lot of sense, is very poised and articulate. He's probably the poster child for atheism.


No, that's Ayn Rand.


Ayn Rand did not lay the foundation for the United Athiests Alliance.


I am somewhat hopeful that it will be a thread full of people who are actually going to read the book. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.


They don't call him Darwin's Rottweiler for no reason.



Bump. I finished reading it. A lot of new stuff, a lot of old. Overall a good read.

Anyone else read it?

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QWv_0Mjq0

For those still not in the loop.