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The Greatest Shirts/Attire at the Gym

in the commercial gym I go to there was a guy in the squat rack doin curls wearing a shirt that read “abortion is murder”. i really wish i could take a picture of that wet noodle in the shirt and send it to all abortion activists. with that kind of intimidation, they would once and for all convince everyone their point of view is correct. (this in no way voices any opnion on abortion, strictly gym attire and the like).

Any other great sightings?

I think everyone has seen this. White wife-beaters on shinny ass guys.

There was one that said:

Who cares? I am bigger than you.

every now and then i get the sweet 1992 neon green or hot pink string tank tops. those things are freakin sweet. i wonder how they arent required equipment at the gym. Thib should write an article about the increased neural efficiency caused by the colors stimulation on the corneas. SWEET!

Or what about the “Bench This!” shirt on the pot bellied, middle aged stock broker looking fellow talking on his cell phone and using the treadmill.

I look at that guy and think: “Man, if I can ever aspire to be that big, that disciplined, it’ll be great. That guy is HARDCOOOOOOORRREE!”

several of these are good

I have a shirt that is similar to the one in this link:


I liked it because the donkey and the mouse looked like they were friends and I thought it looked funny. I always wondered why it said “I don’t give a” before the picture, and I knew there was some sort of hidden message.

Now that I figured it out, I don’t like the shirt anymore. I don’t want to convey that sort of message.

Doesn’t really have anything to do with the gym. But i wore it there a few times.

The super skinny kid benching wearing an XXXXS shirt cause he thinks it makes him look jacked…

On the other hand…

I like Frank Mcgraths “GO AWAY” t-shirt… animal makes a bunch of good ones… although I’ve started to see quite a few “Squat Rack Curlers” wearing them at the gym lately…

We get a bunch of 140 lb kids wearing their ‘cock diesel’ shirts around all the time.

I have 3 ‘Testosterone’ shirts in my own rotation, along with some supplement company freebies I got at contests, a universal “I’m not here to talk” shirt, and my favorite, which has a silhoette of a bull and the words ‘Strong like Bull’ under it -lol


Gotta love the wanna-be’s in the extra small “I want to look huge so I bought this tiny t-shirt” t-shirt… Still have to nab a “test” shirt for myself… good reminder stu…

I prefer my to add a few “props” along with a nice shirt… a hat pulled real low, super loud headphones, and foul look that says… “go away turd; Im here to train, and quit curling in the squat rack…”

Wait, so is this thread about ridiculous attire seen at the gym? Or is it about totally sweet stuff seen at the gym?

Most ridiculous is the really really tight t-shirts on fatties, and the dude in the popped collar polo, headband and khaki shorts. Coolest thing is my Testosterone shirt, but thats only because I don’t yet own the “Shut the Fuck up and Train” shirt by Animal. I don’t think I’d even be allowed in the gym, come to think of it…

Best shirt to workout in is this Fedor one^^

best thing in the gym is the girls wearing booty shorts that are in the cycling class or doing 1 arm rows. I seriously have to take a moment because lately ive been so fucking horny it took every ounce of will power i had to not just pull my dick out.

Hands down the best. Worth every penny at:


This is funny, but I realized if I actually saw someone wearing it, I’d have to punch them in the face. So I didn’t buy it; just not that good of a physique yet, or even if I did, hopefully not that arrogant.

[quote]Asgardian wrote:
This is funny, but I realized if I actually saw someone wearing it, I’d have to punch them in the face. So I didn’t buy it; just not that good of a physique yet, or even if I did, hopefully not that arrogant.[/quote]

Well, it does make a good point. But you do need to be really huge and ripped to pull it off.

I’m from the south and every so often someone will be wearing one of those odd Jesus/Bodybuilding shirts. The kind where the Son of God looks like he’s been mainlining Test and would be doing a bench press using the Cross as his bar or some weird shit, with LORD’S GYM emblazoned on it.

Pffft like Christ could give a shit on whether you reached your PR or not. Anyway everyone knows God mainly deadlifts.

My favorite shirt to wear says “I’m having a Maalox Moment!” with rust stains on the chest from benching in a old rusty (now condemned) gym.

[quote]medevac wrote:
Anyway everyone knows God mainly deadlifts.[/quote]

Quoted for truth!

Black ‘Slayer, Reign in Blood’ t-shirt.

[quote]NewDamage wrote:
medevac wrote:
Anyway everyone knows God mainly deadlifts.

Quoted for truth![/quote]

i heard he just got a prowler and pretty much exclusively pulls paul around on it.

These shirts are badass.