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The Greatest Man/Woman/Thing to Have Ever Existed


So I was taking a piss, and noticed a big blank space on the wall over my upstairs toilet. I need to something to fill it with, preferably something that will inspire and motivate.

I'm a single guy, about to turn 25, about a year into my first job, and looking for an image/icon/idol, just something solid enough to look at about 20 times a day, everyday and still get me fired up.

Not just lifting, but something/someone that inspires you to learn something new, experience something you haven't experienced, and just live life to a higher standard in general.

Something that if a girl you had over looked at and asked you about, you would talk for days, but the look in your eyes would have the panties off in about 2 minutes (not my motivation for this thread by any means).

If I had to choose, I would think more in terms of animals, like a wolf or hawk, or a spartan warrior or buddha or something, but I'm interested to see if anybody has any other opinions on the matter. I'm particularly interested in human beings that are worthy of being looked up to, but symbols, animals, nature stuff is accepatable.


Mine is a waterfall deep in the wilderness. Surrounded by mountians and ancient trees. It has a caption at the bottom "Destiny is not to be waited for: it is to be achieved". It hangs by my front door. I've had it some twenty years now. It never fails to inspire me!


Put up a picture of yourself.

Then the bitches will know who you look up to.


You piss 20 times a day? Better get them kidneys checked.


Hell, I piss at least twenty times a day.

I have a water problem. I'm thinking of taking up alcohol.


I was pretty sure at this point that you were just going to piss on your wall.


how the fuck is a hawk or a buddha inspiring?

you need a god damn rhino. you think a rhino gives a fuck? no, he doesnt cause if you get in his way hell fucking gore your ass. be like a rhino.


LOL me too!


I piss from the doorway a lot. Get as far back as I think I can. I usually aim for the toilet. Occasionally the sink, but its my place and I can do what I want.

One of my college roomates had a cool one. It was a painting of a bosom naked female, in like a titanic pose, with the quote "laziness is the nothing but the habit of resting before you get tired". Too bad it was a portrait of his mom painted by his stepdad, and everytime I saw it I was like thats your mom, but it was a cool painting none the less and I never met his mom.

I need some more ideas or else it is going to be just a classy nude. Wolves, rhinoes, and other wildlife is semi-cool, boobs are far superior. Let's expand the definition to include women worth dying for as well.

Seriously, I need some more ideas before I start pissing on the wall.


Well, I have this hanging above my pisser.
Not exactly profound, sexy or peaceful. But fucking funny.

Almost every male to every piss in my bathroom comments on it.


Put up a pic of Rick James.
That would be badass


I was thinking Hulk Hogan, with him pointing at your face in the poster.

I have a similar poster hanging on my apartment door. So everytime I leave to go workout/school/work I get fired up.

I've been living here about 6 months and it still gets me stoked.



... Something more like this.


What I'm thinking would be perfect is a picture of a beautiful woman looking down on my cock like it's the gift from gods she's been waiting for all of her life to get to wrap her lips around and blow the hell out off.


Get a picture of that pussy-ass "Glass Joe" from Mike Tyson's Punch Out and paste it up there.

No matter how low and pathetic your life gets, you can always take a leak and think "Man, I'm making 6 bucks an hour in a grease factory and my 300 lb wife cheats on me with longshoremen, but at least I'm better than fucking Glass Joe"


Sorry .. had to stop at "So I was taking a piss..." because, well, nothing earth shattering can be said when opening a dialogue with "So I was taking a piss..."

edit: I know, I've tried


You could print up a copy this:



Ash from Army of Darkness.


I made a folder on my desktop titled "GET HUGE" with pictures of big ass motherfuckers.

I look through it before I go to the gym and before I go grocery shopping.



Another option is a picture of a big mushroom cloud. Go with the one from the Bikini atoll tests.