The Greatest Generation?

the problem with the “ghettos” whether it’s black or hispanic is birth control.imo. how in the hell do you expect to provide for a family making a less than desirable income when you have 6 or more mouths to feed? typically there is only one income. kids are very expensive regardless of ethnicity. we don’t live on farms any more so you don’t need the huge families that you did back then. the chineese tax the hell out of you if you have more than 2 kids, and i belive you need permission from the gov. to have the second.

To mdog…The main problem is with 70% of black children growing up with that needed male (father) guidence in there lives it becomes easier to follow the pitfalls of human frailties.

And I agree that having too many children for your financial situation is not something one should be persuing (as if it were intentional) however as previously stated since these children are concieved it would greatly help their plight with a stable family home; a father to determine right and wrong thus setting limits and providing loving discipline when needed.

Take care guys.

I am sorry that I go South Africa and Southern Africa (i.e. former Rhodesia) involvement in World War Two wrong. I thought that they fought with the allies but was not sure.

I was completley wrong, sorry. From Home - BBC News special_report/1999/08/99/ world_war_ii/430918.stm Chamberlain to announce to the British people over the radio that as of 11 o’clock 3 September 1939, the British Empire was at war with Germany.

The French declaration of war followed five hours later.

Australia, New Zealand and India all declared war on Germany on the same day - the other major nations of the British empire, South Africa and Canada, had declared war within the week.


Thanks for having the nuts to say it like it is in regards to attacks on white males. If any of these geniuses that make these attacks had the intelligence to study other societies they might see how liberal we are in regarding to accepting others.

What kills me is that it is usually white males who are making these attacks. I don’t know where all this self loathing comes from (of course other than the usual suspects - govenment, hollywood and colleges and Univ.). I went skiing with a business associate last week. We were alone in my car driving home and I asked him what religion he was - and he was afraid to tell me. So I said well, what tentets do you follow - Buddhism? Hindu? (knowing well that he was christian). Finally, he admitted to being christian. Hate to say it but what a pussy.

To Specter----This “self loathing” is mainly due to having it shoved down our throats from the time we’re little. If you hear something often enough if begins to sound like the trueth. We’re constantly made to feel guilt over our predecessors’ sins; something which is absurd when you consider someone like me was not even born yet. However I do think we shouldn’t forget so as to avoid making the same mistakes again. But in this liberal PC climate it’s crossed way over the line.

My wish would be that we as human beings will stop the pendelum of extremism from waving from side to side. Obviously a balance is needed.

It is my opinion that the men and women who constantly attack the people and culture of the west do so because they are very well rewarded for their actions. Most often they come from positions of wealth and power (i.e. government, civil service, media, academia, religious groups etc). Their obtaining and retaining this position is dependent on them demonstrating their belief in the dominant ideology of the day. This has all ways and will always be the case. In different places and times the dominant ideology/dominant religion has been communisms, socialism fascism, imperialism, royalty, Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. Today the dominant ideology in the west for a lack of a better description is PC fused with lassie-fair capitalisms. Even though they may seem opposed to each other their ultimate aims are remarkably similar. For lassie-fair capitalisms a global market place with no difference between regions and free trade, which include the free movement of labour anywhere in the world. For PC a global culture which shares its ideals and the ability of people to move anywhere in the world. Both seek to destroy the sovereign power of nations and countries (slightly but importantly different concepts) as a means to achieve their ends. This has all ways and will always be the case. I do not believe that the majority of people really believe in the beliefs that tell the public are right. But if they show any decent they will be crucified and lose their wealth, influence and power. So in essence they are lying to themselves and lying to the public. I believe that the public accepts what they are told because they have no real power to change what they see as wrong. Regards less of what we are told I think that the publics rights and thus power have steadily been eroded in all areas (i.e. business, political, religious, cultural, mental). There is a great quote in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World which to paraphrase says that as peoples rights are removed a dictator will do well to encourage the cult of individual freedom. This means that real freedoms diminish (i.e. business, political etc) the dictator increases trivial rights (i.e. increased drug and sexual activity and type). This distracts the person to the loss of their real freedom and power while the powers that be go about their agendas.

Good argument. While the references you cite (original post) were important, wouldn’t the character of the WWII gen be credited to their parents? What did their parenting bring us? Rampant drug use in the 60’s, moral decay, blah, blah. Every moment in time is a “these were the best of times, these were the worst of times”. Old timers disease, hindsight, whatever you want to call it, is kind.

While on the subject of freedoms and fascism I’ll mention something about the fascist stance many films took in the late 60’s-early 70’s. A case in point would be the cop film “Dirty Harry”. Eastwood’s character seemed almost oblivious to due process of law, thus taking hte law inot his own hands and thereby avoiding the rights of individuals. Yes the villain in the film was extemely perverse however the film’s message is a clear one. At the very least the film was irresponsable in its stance in human justice…

In fact one of the few financial successes (that come to mind anyhow) that promoted a decidedly anti-fascist stance was Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” (although an extremely contraversial film when first released). This film seems to take the complete opposite stance Dirty Harry took.

Despite Alex’s perverted rampage across England in an unspecified future Kubrick indicates unequivicaly that fascism is never the answer; Alex archtypes notwithstanding.

You might ask, “What does this hace to do wtih the original post?” Except Kubrick many directors took a fascist stance in their films which (to my mind) displays an example of the complete rebellion against the establishment of the period; the thinking being that, “Anything besides the establishment” is worthy of ocnsideration. Unfortunately they didn’t stop to think perhaps only some modifications (albeit some major) could e applied without completely rejecting it.

Its total rejection (this entails many beliefs held by the establishment of hte day) is responsible for the situation with families today. High divorce rate, illegitimate children, lack of father’s in the household etc.

Just some thoughts…take care fellow T-Maggers.

I do think that that generation was the greatest, for the simple reason that no one ever whined about anything. Korea is a good example. After that horrible war no one whinned or cried, they did what they did and took the outcome. One could make the argument that they treated blacks and women badly, and to some extent that is true, but the fact still remains that if Hitler won; there would be no more blacks and not even the slightest case of women’s rights. If you want to say that the pacific war was fought mostly on the grounds of racism, I would have to disagree. Japan attacked us, she knew what she was getting into, and that alone is grounds for war. Also, the evidence that the war in the pacific was “kill the Japs” is circumstancial. Racial or cultural slurs have been a part of war for years. It happened on both fronts, the Germans became “Jerry” or “Kraut” and the Japanese became “Japs” it is used as a way to make the enemy seem less than human, therefore, easier to kill. The book “On Killing” goes into detail about this, try it out. thanks, bye

They where stronger than us. Don’t know many people at the age of 15 willing to go and fight a war. Anyway define Oppression? Every generation has some form of oppression. I’m oppressed! I’m a salary slave. I work X amount of hours and I only get paid a so much regardless of the hours put in. Or how about those who work for Walmart that are not allowed to go over 32 hours a week so they can’t get health benefits. Oppression will always be around, just in a different pair of pants. 50 years from now when they look at us as the golden age of computers they would say why are we so good when we oppressed lesbians and gays. Its just life.

To willing not use any form of contraception is intentionall. imo

to mdog…Yes of course its intentional. I was stating that I doubt anyone purposely tries to have more kids than they can financially handle simply for the sake of not being able to afford it. This would be absurd. But rather many are careless about precautions.
A stable home would immensly obviously though.