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The Greatest Food Ever!!

I’ve been eating this fish for a few years now and I wondered why I haven’t told you about this sooner. The fish is called Tilapia. It’s VERY popular and can be picked up at almost any grocery store. I always used the ones that are sold in the frozen food section and they have tasted unreal. Anyways this shit is so good!!! I can’t even explain it. Just go out and pick some up. Thaw it out put it in a fry pan with a litle pam, add some salt and pepper and eat away. Thats all you need and it’ll taste great. You could doll it up of course and put some garlic and parm. cheese on it. But its up to you.

Just buy it you won’t regret it!!

Are you trying to sell it or something? I work for a seafood company in Louisiana and I wouldn’t consider talapia one of the best tasting fish. I guess that’s just my opinion though. I know it was hard for us to sell it down here.

Gotta agree with you. I have it all the time and it’s cheap too. Just wondering how much Pro/Carb/Fat content per serving.

I’m going to Honduras pretty soon, and i guess that’s gonna be one of our group’s common meals…now i’m looking forward to trying it!

You ought to be in advertising or PR, BrownBomber. Sounds delish! Guess I’m going to have to check out that little seafood shop down the road from me.

it’s a very good mild flavour fish - very popular here in Texas. Not as good as trout but better than catfish IMO.