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The Greatest Canadian Sandwich of all Time


At first I was grossed out, then I was aroused.


trish stratus between two debrad's


sorry, they lost me at "gravy"


OH Canada you try so hard but fail every time.


only in canada.


poutine and valentin hotdogs, closing time in Montreal.


Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches >>> All


I developed diabetes just watching that.


The only thing that would make me lose my appetite faster then seeing that, is to see a 400lber stuffing it in their face.


It would be good if they didn't use the maple syrup.


That's just so lame and uninspired.

Fries on a sandwich?


I was thinking the same but without the hotdogs.


Here's a beautiful Montreal smoked meat sandwich, right from Schwartz's.

As good or better than anything you'll get at a NYC deli at about half the cost.


Take away either and the gravy add a dozen eggs and it would be pretty good.



The syrup wasn't needed. Just sugar taking up space where another layer of bacon could've been.


I like the fool's gold sandwich better.


^^I was thinking/hoping thats what this thread would be about.... Some smokin hot canadian babes sandwiched together... mmmmm


That is an affront to God himself. Could anyone here justify eating that thing knowing how it would probably rot you from the inside out?


by far best sandwich i've ever had was from rutger's grease trucks...