The Great Meal Plan

So I’m at my gym talking to one of the guys that works there. He had lost a lot of weight not to long ago. We talked a little and he said some local guru had designed him a diet. He was playing it up like it was something great.

He said he had made copies because when people saw it they wanted a copy. I’m used to T-Nation and was expecting something maybe halfway thought out. So this is what he handed me.

Meal 1
6 egg whites or 50 gram protein shake
Meal 2
50 gram protein shake
Meal 3
6in sub on whole wheat with double meat
Meal 4
50 gram protein shake
Meal 5
8oz beef fish or chicken, sweet potato or baked potato,

I guess you eat this same thing everyday. Cutting edge stuff.

where are the fats?

Who knows? This sounds like a lowfat thing from the 90s. I was just so impressed with it. LOL

It looks like someone hacked up the V-Diet.

Whats bad is its probably one of the more thought out nutrition plans of anyone at my gym. Whats funny is he told me he was getting like 400g protein on that diet. Best I can figure maybe 250 at the most.

Sounds like quite the guru…