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The Great Fish Oil Experiment Article

I am interested to hear what those of you more science-inclined than myself think of the following article: http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/fishoil.shtml .

Guess according to that article, Eskimos would die at the age of 12, and those eating insane amounts of saturated fat would live forever.

I don’t buy it.
There’s too much research to show the benefits of a diet that is balanced with omega 3 to omega 6.

I only glanced over that thing as it was really long.

It seems that that is not a study, but only the authors interpretation of a bunch of other studies.

I think it has been said before, but it is always wise to read the primary literature for yourself instead of going off what someone else reads the literature as.

i go by what i feel from my body when i take a new supplement consistently over a few months

when i started mega dosing fish oil a year ago i noticed significant improvements after a couple of months: elastic skin that is less inflammed, no more joint pain, much clearer mental focus and vivid dreams every single night which was very rare previously (this occured before i started supplementing zinc)

if all those benefits from fish oil were actually placebo then all i can say is i have some serious mind over matter power

too many people look at study X talking about food/supplement Y instead of trying it and see how their body feels

the dietary community tells you “low fat is key”, try high fat+protein+fiber for a while and see how you respond, if you feel great then to hell with the studies

i’m guessing the author of that article is a fan of chowing down the majority of their calories from starchy carbs

Yeah, there’s really nothing significant in there. Maybe someone will be kind enough to go through his references. But at the moment I’m writing this guy off as another coconut oil fanboy.