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"The Great 2017 Lifting Competition" Idea


@T3hPwnisher sounds dandy. 90 seconds, touch and go. Sound good, @Reed?


Works for me


For the deadlift,will straps be allowed?Personally I’m all for them


If I can get that much weight on my trap bar, I’ll give it a go. It has short loading pins.


progress has been unreal over the last couple of years, mate! Keep killing it!


I’ve had decent success with some doubled average bands to hold plates on. But with your history of jerryrigging equipment I’m sure you’ve already thought of something similar.


So,to sum it up

We’re gonna compete on 1rm on

Are cleans in?

Are we gonna put anything retarded in like curls,rows ect?

Will straps be allowed in deads?

Anything for reps or something?

Anything else I cannot think?


Since I’m a dummie when it comes to writting compelling posts,anyone interested in setting up a new thread and writting an interesting first post?


I think some fun, retarded stuff would be cool. Preacher curls just cuz we can’t all be awesome powerlifters and maybe something weird like a 1RM dumbell snatch. Just throwing suggestions, I’m still in even if it’s just the ones you said.


Something to get it started. Will continue to post lifts throughout the week.

185 snatch from hang. Notice the awesome technique

Hit a 265 hang clean but didn’t record it, because I thought I would hit 275. Instead, watch my flawless form missing a 275 clean.


Hang clean or reverse curl?


Reverse curl with hips. Literally zero dip to catch lol


Hence why you see no videos of me hang cleaning lol


Biomechanics are funny. I feel like I’m pushing my luck with a 135lb snatch but I power cleaned 285x2 yesterday. Guess I better record it next time.


I think you’re giving me way too much liberty with the phrase “power clean” lol.
Also, I’m the weirdo who can waiter walk with 100+ lbs but can’t strict press 185.


LOL! I hear ya. When I say power clean I mean I catch it high in a “power position”. I don’t catch it in a front squat position like Olympians. Somehow I can pull 300+ lbs up to my belly button or higher but I can’t front squat over 275lbs…

Here’s 295lb on 11/01/2016

Missed 320lbs same day

I’ll see what I can do this year to make it official for the contest.