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"The Great 2017 Lifting Competition" Idea


Belt please my lower back hates me if I don't haha


Time limit? Or just till miss?


@brady888 and @Reed y'all are going to post videos, right?


I imagine that is the only fair way to do it. Unless he is just gonna take my word that I got one more than him :wink:

But like I said will have to be after my meet. Amit would fly to Tennessee and straggle me if he catches me doing high rep trap bar to failure deadlifts 4 weeks out haha.


I will begin to prepare myself.
Yes videos. I would say pull to miss, if you're okay with 3-4+ minute sets lol.


Sorry for the hijack, but
@Alpha @T3hPwnisher, anyone else have interest in the trap bar deadlift to the death?


Dead stop or touch and go?


@brady888 you know reed has like a 700lb squat right?


760 officially my deadlift sucks but trap bar will definitely lend more to my Squat. I'm just guessing but id say 550, strapped, belted, high handle, touch and go 10 plus reps should be very doable. I pulled 600 for a triple on one a few years back just fucking around.


Really cool idea. No way am I going to try the T-ransformation but I'm in for this.
And I'll second TXirons idea on this

Kroc rows for weight x reps would be really fun too but judging form on the sloppiest exercise in the world might be tricky


that's fucking scary. What weight class you in these days?


224 this morning. So easy cut to 220 or really hard cut to 198. Trying to work up to 240bw slowly but don't know what it is gonna take to get there. Already at 5000 calories a day and if I miss even a meal I drop a few pounds over night.


@Yogi1, Reed can most definitely out squat me, but on illegitimate lift like the high handled trap bar deadlift I'm not too shabby. I pulled 490 for 17 beltless on the low handles last week. I'm hoping for at least somewhere in the mid 20's with 550 with the high handles, belt, and some preperation.


@T3hPwnisher if it occurred in a strongman competition, would it be dead stop or touch and go? I'm assuming it would be touch and go with a down command, bit I'm not sure.


Another suggestion which would keep everyone happy, whatever lifts are decided on how about keeping a slot for anything? Winner on that will just be judged by how impressive whatever they did was.


Depends on the show. I have seen both, and both with ups and downs or just downs.


Ripped A.F. Built like a brick shit house.


Lol if you pull fucking mid 20 I'll probably just admit you win haha.


To be honest I'd like to have some row too.Let's enter 2018 with pec like upper backs


Ya know, I can be more helpful than my previous answer.

If you want to make it strongman contest-ish, put in a time limit (60 seconds is standard, but since you wanna do mega high reps, go 90), since there will be no judge there, just go touch and go, because otherwise you open yourself up to debate on if a rep was REALLY dead stop or not.