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"The Great 2017 Lifting Competition" Idea


We could have both,but I really dislike the idea of only most improved

I prefer having a 600+ pound squatter come first than a guy who started squatting 3 months ago and has a 300 lbs max


Good call. Yeah I'd rather see a guy go from 600 to 650 then a new guy go from 45-150 myself, although both are impressive in their own right


Totally agree.Every 650 squatter once squatted less than half of that.Progress is to be congratulated but still,650 is stronger than 200 no matter what


I'd compete if there was a pound for pound best clean category!


I don't know if this is just me, but finding a true 1RM is much easier (lift until you can't) than working my way up to trying to feel where a 3RM would fail. If I'm going for a true PR 3RM I'll more than likely get 2 or 4 reps rather than 3 and be wayy too spent from that to try and add/subtract 5-10lbs for another triple at that weight.

I also think keeping it simple may be the best way to go about this. Just a list of lifts with a ranking of the lifters. Getting into most improved, lb for lb, etc might be getting too comprehensive.

Just one man tossing his opinion into the mix. Either way, it will be a cool little stat check on the regular lifters on here.


Fine I'll push press by myself, you bunch of ninnies.

Could do best single, triple, and set of 5 of each exercise. Don't want to make it convoluted, but I have the whole of 2017 to work on 'em.


So this is, like, the alternative competition for people who don't want to get lean doing the T-ransformation? :wink: Got it. Should be interesting to see how it ends up with some of the big lifters around here. Curious to see if anyone will try tackling both challenges.

I think judging form will probably be the trickiest part. As was said, depth on squats will probably be the killer. Deadlifts, benching, and other stuff that has an easily identifiable ROM is more concrete. Unless you just want to go with the majority decision, if 5 people say a squat looks high, it's probably high.

Max reps with a predetermined weight could be a way to let relative-beginners get involved too. 135 or 185 bench, 185 or 225 squat, 225 or 275 deadlift, etc. Just some suggestions. Like the other challenge, you guys can take the wheel and sort it out as you go.

Or, flip it and go with max weight for X reps. (3, 5, 10, whatever). Best 5RM bench, Best 10RM squat, heaviest 10RM chin-up. Would also be interesting to see the Kroc row included, something like total volume (weight x reps) wins. Just tossing some ideas out.


I'll throw out:
Strict press 1rm
Power clean 1rm
Front squat 1rm

I say these three because, while most serious lifters train or have trained most these regularly, they're good gauges and won't detract from anyone's training. Whereas the big three are already being tested by powerlifters in their sport, same with push presses or jerks for oly lifters and strongmen.

Also, the above gives us a push, a pull, and a squat.

But I'm game for whatever


Do you get extra points for doing both?


I think it'd be cool to just make a sort of list/ranking of everyone in whatever lifts we choose. Looking at a list and seeing that someone lifts x amount more than me would make me want to try and beat them. I'd want to keep improving so the person below me didn't catch up. Then every month or 3 months or some random time frame people could update and see how it's going.


Personally I test very rarely the competition lift,but I'll upload my estimations and maxes on various other lifts I use as max effort movements weekly


I am so sure I'll stay fluffy at 2017 that I didn't even pay attention to that competition but I guess you can say it is.Now we fatsos have an excuse

Even on max reps beginners will be destroyed by the stronger guys
If we just list the results instead of doing a top 5 or 10 they are included too,since they can pass the guy above.The tricky part is to get 3-4 beginners minimum to participate

That being said,if you guys want max reps too max reps too it is


Com'on and strict press with us you special snowflake you


I don't mind participating, I definitely count as beginner lol. Even if I'm at the bottom I'll still have someone to aim for.


There's always the choice of bulking up to 300 pounds,placing way higher that expected and becoming a t nation legend (probably a diabetic legent though)


Perfect, I'll pull a babyslayer then. 350 lbs or bust.


I'll be in "Offseason" in a few weeks so I can play.


@Reed, I challenge you to a trap bar deadlift-off. I think it's the only lift I have a chance in. You name the weight, equipment, and terms.


Low Handle or High Handle I'll let you decide. I haven't pulled on trap bar in probably 10 years since highschool haha. But I do remember it being easier than straight bar.



Let's try to make the reps stupid high and go high handle. Belt or no belt?
I haven't touched one much since high school either, other than the last few weeks. Definitely easier than a straight bar though