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"The Great 2017 Lifting Competition" Idea


Although I promised myself I’d take a week totally off anything lifting related,I had an amazing idea(or at least I think so) and couldn’t resist

So,here it is

We’ll decide on some lifts(ohp,bench,squat,deadlift.Feel free to suggest anything else) and by the end of 2017 we’ll do a top 10 of the best lifters in each lifts

Anyone interested?

The idiot in me wants to put curls in there too,but I dunno

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Push press instead of OHP, otherwise my ego will hurt too much.

Maybe row as well? Even if the form is a bit loose, watching someone row big weights is very impressive.

You thinking most improved, most weight, P4P? Or maybe some sort of supertotal (all the lifts added together)?


I’m no good at push press but in these types of things it might be better. Basically getting the bar overhead counts as the lift. You avoid the situation where the winner used a small amount of leg drive on a “strict press”. If there are no official judges then you allow a bit of “cheating” then nobody can complain later. Squats are the exception, no matter the rule someone will go an inch higher than everyone else or more and there is a huge lift advantage in doing so.


Good call. & on that note, maybe we should have other obvious hit or misses. Clean comes to mind, no matter how it gets there, either it’s racked across your shoulders or it’s not.


Cleans would be fun as well. Big weight is big weight, who cares if it’s a body english reverse curl?


I thought of ohp cause way more people train it.But if others want push press too no issue with that

As for rows,why not,as.Although I’m afraid they’ll turn to shrugs still rows are cool

I prefer by weight on the bar instead of progress cause if many people jump in,new members included,someone will probably lie about their starting numbers


Well,judging form will be an issue,but let’s have many people jump in at the moment and we’ll adress it later


Yeap,let’s have cleans too


Cleans are way better than rows from a measuring/progression standpoint. I think you’re right about rows. No rows, yes cleans.
Lol I only request push press because I hate strict pressing with a passion.


Hopefully some more people will jump in,so let’s just wait and see what the majority will say about the ohp vs push press dilemma.Hope you still stick around no matter what’s the outcome though.Competitive people like you will make posting here more fun

So,so far we have

6.Curls???Just to piss off the internet,maybe?


Definitely curls, in a squat rack, 1RM and cheating required.


And belt on

Something like that


If its not necessarily for 1RM most of these would work, and the weights and exact reps don’t matter, just the best you can do at either 1RM or high rep. Not a fan of dips so Clean can be in place of that.


High rep sets are way harder to judge as far as form is concerned.Imagine someone doing a 12 rep set on the bench and having his ass off the bench in 1 rep .Do you throw away the entire set.Also it’s easier to break form

I think for such competition 1rm would work better.Just me though

Also,chins are a good option too


I like the idea! Could be a cool summary of the big lifters on here and I bet there will be some dark horses coming out of the woodwork with some solid lifts.

Oh, and I’m a +1 for the OHP, not the push press.


I like 3RM for these types of things personally. A 3 rep max is something you generally can’t cheat and shows how strong you really are imo. I may be wrong, but I know for me personally, a true 3 rep max is what I can always do for a single any given day. So if I can bench 315 for a real 3 rep max on a good day, I should always be able to hit 315 for a single any day of the week with minimal warm up


Also, I add to the OHP vs push press. It just makes more sense in my mind. Especially since people may do an olympic style push press (like a jerk) where they don’t press as much as catch the bar. Again, just talking out of my ass here


3 rep max is a very good idea and I personally like it a lot.So,what’s everyone else’s take on that?

Also for the bench,I think it’s better to do touch and go.Even if there’s some room for bounching as long as the ass is on the bench I’m ok with that.What’s everyone else’s take on that too?


Also,I think just placing people in order is better than the top 10,cause that way even noobs can compete to surpass each other(if it gets that much traffic)


3rm sounds awesome, and yeah I’m down for strict vs ohp. I’d also like to cast my vote for most improved, if there was a better way to systemize it or whatever; everyone would in essence begin on a level playing field.