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The Gravity Wars!

Goals in short to long term:

Lose weight
Get Healthiest
Squat 600
Total 750+kg in the 93kg Class (Current Mexican Record is 740kg for any weight class but set in 93kg)
Comp Squat 280kg (Current Mexican Record is 275kg set in 120+)
Stay Healthiest

Current Comp PRs in KGs (1st meet beltless)
240-170-275 for 685

Gym PRs
265-184-288 (737)

I might be being arrogant but I think with a healthy off-season and peak I will smash 750kg.


SO in for this


Thank you!!! :smiley: and here we gooooo

Laugh Out Loud of the Month!!!
One of Sofi’s cousins posted a video labeled “Eclipse” or something like that on facebook. But it is a video of a dudes nut sack slowly coming into the screen.

Sofi’s Mom liked the video…we hope without seeing it hahahaha

AM Squats and Dead Fails

-Power Clean + Front Squat

-Squats up to a 5*5@365

-Dead Lift
1s @ 135-225-315
Max @ 405…which was also 1 LOL

-Sled Pulls

PM Pull-Hab Pumpy Time
Barbell Rows
Dumbell Rows
Reverse Curls
Hammer Curls

Squat form rusted up this week, bit of butt wink aggravating the lower back. It got slightly better as the workout went on but I will be adding in extra pause squats to the warmups.

I wasnt supposed to deadlift today but I couldnt help myself. I struggled through the warmups for my back then when I went for my AMRAP 405 felt like a truck. I might have been able to grind 3.


Looks in mirror…Damn not bad, full, dry, striations waist not so big.

Steps on scale…F#@%

Resets Scale and tries again…F$&+

Measures waist…F%?&

Story checks out.

99.5kg and 95.5cm waist. I did look good but my waist only looked small in relation to the carb load apparently.

Welp, crash diet here we go for a couple days. Going to ignore the scale and going to go hard until 92cm then re-evaluate. I figure I have a week or so before strength and energy levels suffer and I have about 6 weeks of training before I will need to be stronger than I was.

Today thru Thursday:
~2000 calories. 700g Chicken after cooked, 1kg of veggies, box of tomato sauce and 500g potatoes.

AM Bench

-bench 5*5@255 with long as hell pauses and focus on head down

-Dum Military Press top set 10 @ 80s

-Dips 3*15@BW

-EZ Crusher

-Uni Cable Press Down

Pretty sure I went too hard today with the assistance. Thursday will tell.

Back is also feeling much better as I am becoming less rusted shut and doing a lot more mobility and core work.

Saw baby Driver, good movie, I love Edgar Wright’s work but the entire movie I thought I was watching a Tarantino flick which I had to google to find out that he had a huge role in shaping it although wasn’t actually on the payroll.


Fuck yeah. In for this. Can’t wait to see you kick some ass

Thank you!!! I am sure going to give what ever I have!

AM Squats+Deads

  • Clean + Front Squat 3*1@135-185
  • Squat Working Sets 5*4@405
  • Deadlift Working 8@405
  • Sled Pulls til Death

Wow did my squat form improve. It’s not 100 so neither was my back afterwards but it was a ton better than on Monday.

Ankle is still the weak link though.


Ugh so nasty my shoes were still soaked when I put them on for my second workout. Like not damp or even wet. SOAKED THROUGH!! I walked to the gym yesterday in a hurricane for 20 minutes and my shoes were dryer then. To give an idea my fingers were actually wrinkly after my morning workout.

PM Pull+Biceps
Reverse Crunch supaset Calf Stretch Work
Pullups supaset Machine Curls
Reverse Grip Dumbell Curl
Back Flys
Hammer Curls
Like 2 half ass sets of cable rows

Yea really had to drag my ass to the gym this afternoon, the shoes didnt help. Not a great workout. Just tired but not beat up so that was awesome.


Finally starting to look “mean”. Striations and veins are on the way back and my midsection looks like a lumpy blob rather than a round one.

Increased carbs for intuition today (to keep me from mentally snapping). For the next few days I will add back some fats with the macros ~2800-238p-402c-32f which should still be well under maintenance.

Monday I will re-evaluate but I will probably go to a more scripted carb cycling.

BENCH+Upper Easy Pumps all around
Bench 5*4@275
Barbell Row
Side Laterals
Machine Uni Row

Yea so for bench pause I am counting “One Mississippi” or “Two Mississippi” for the pauses. I change the numbers so I dont forget what rep I am on. Absolutely brutal and pretty sure all my bench numbers are off now.

Everything is sore today and my legs are cramping. I wanted to run high frequency longer but it has served its purpose. I guess every 3rd day is still fairly high frequency. I will probably try to sneak in an extra pause squat work out every 6 days to keep my form on lock.

In my experience High frequency is great for form and hypertrophy but lower frequency is better for strength because you will be more recovered.


I f@#$ing love your diets.


:smiley: Simple is the only thing I can get to work for me.

Spent all morning getting tests done on Sofi. Her stomach pains keep coming and going and we really dont have an explanation yet.

Friday Pumpy

What was supposed to be an easy day was actually kind of hard. Pink highlights are super sets to warm up then I went back and forth between Bicep then Tricep etc.

Physique is coming in real nice actually. Everything except my huge as waist.

It could have been post workout electrolyte bloat OR I could just be fat emphasis on visceral OR it could be caused from some Nolva I took for a couple days to combat nipple soreness. I will see how I wake up tomorrow or I should know for sure in a few days as I drop the Nolvadex. If it is the Nolva then Nolva is 0-2 on being a 19-nor option. Once that is confirmed or not I will increase the Aromasin a bit.

One other option I am mentioning almost as a joke is that I have been training my abs a lot lately to combat lower back pains…maybe that made my abs bigger.



500g of Denver Steak, 4 eggs, 1kg of potatoes, 1 avocado, 1 fried onion, fried garlic, tomato (raw) and tortillas.

I may not smell good or look pretty but I can eat :smiley:


Squats Working
Dead Working
Belt Squats meh
Lunge meh

Still having hella issues with ankle despite daily work on it and after 2 off days butt wink made a minor appearance but not bad enough to cause serious pain. Honestly, just the minor lower back pain is just an amazing feeling. I made it through my workout not being hobbled over.

The ankle issues did leave my knee feeling wonky with tons of crunching and clicking going on but no pain.

So it seems E3D squatting wont be enough to keep mobility adequate…
Sunday and monday I will foam roll to see if that works
Monday I Squat again and then start the Lower-Pull-Press split. If the foam rolling doesnt work I am going to add light pause squats and maybe cleans to front squats to my warmup on Pull day.


Bench + Row
Bench Working 5*3@295
Pause Spoto Press 5-3-3@225
Barbell Row
Various Curls

Pretty lazy today, its my fault for wearing a wife beater and my arms are starting to come in so all I wanted to do was Bicep Curls. I needed an easy day anyways.


-1st, add another nail into nolva’s on cycle coffin. Dropped 1.5kg and 1.5cm off my waist in about 36 hours after my last pill.
-Looking much better today. My waist should be the next thing to start shrinking in this cut.
-Squat and Bench Periodization is getting a minor tweak after this Block.
-Will start carb cycling…well more scripted carb cycling starting I guess today.

Diet Adjustments

Squats and Bench rather than a strict 5x5, 5x4 etc I just have to hit Y reps @ X Weight. This allows me to try some rep PRs and gauge how my strength is going on the days I feel good or I can just grind on bad days.

Deads don’t change.



Holy FKN Quad Pump Couldn’t straighten my legs and couldn’t bend them either. Walking home was fun. Squats were also heavy as FUCK feeling. Really making me worried for the next few workouts. Pretty sure I need to commit to squatting E3D even though that hurts my mobility.

Worked up to 4-4-2@465
Sled Drags (quad pump)

Skipped deads. I doubt I am going to keep going to a crossfit gym. Working out in this heat is just too brutal.



I would also appreciate:

“Marcus doesn’t squat to depth.”


Ok, when I am hungry I dont crave and I dont eat junk. But days like today I wasnt really hungry and I didnt even feel like eating and here we are just before 1pm and 5+k calories in. No idea how that happens but now I minds well give my bro tips for cheat meals and days.


-Once you go past a certain point maybe like 4k calories just go all the way and go nuts. Your body can only burn so much fat in a day but it can also only utilize so much food in a day. By overloading your digestive system this all but guarantees calories not being utilized and just being passed through the system.

-Be lactose intolerant and choose ice cream and pizza for cheats (speaking of cheats that is what I am going for as soon as I finish this). Not going to go any further into that because that is already TMI.

-STOP THE CHEATING AS SOON AS YOU CAN, lock yourself in the closet before letting it go to a day 2. This is what makes cheating with sugar so dangerous, it is a drug, it is addictive as hell. Maybe some diet soda’s for day 2 to help curb the cravings.


The exception to these rules is Alcohol. Drinking and cutting are actually not that difficult as long as you dont give a crap about performance.

Alcohol’s biggest issue with cutting is the rules we break while enjoying it.

-No high calorie drinks. Stick to Liquor and a calorie free mixer. My personal favorite is bourbon and ice. But to go next level try water or mineral water and help stay hydrated.

-Cut out fats for that day and next. Basically do my “potato blast” or “veggie blast” which is basically chicken and potatoes or veggies. Your body doesnt like to store alcohol or carbs as fat (but it will) because it is inefficient. But when you drink your body prioritizes ridding your body of booze and then all fat you ingested will be stored. So just cut the fat.

Rack Work (that’s what she said)
Barbell Rows
Unilateral Cable Rows
Uni Cable Curl
Dumbell Curl

Kind of a lazy punch the clock workout. Its good to have those days. That and this cheat day should have me locked in for the next few days.


(I will edit this as it goes on)
4 eggs and 100g oats 700 calories
Papaya 500g 200
Cookies with peanut butter and pretzels 500
2 Chicken and mayo sandwiches 1000
Peanuts 200
Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough 1200
Cheerio cereal 2000

Holy shit thats 5800.

Bought to go get some Nito’s, Pizza and milk


Food Update:
Add personal Pizza from Pizza Hut
all this junk
some milk
and some protein shakes I forgot earlier.
If I make it through and survive it will be around 10k

I might have discussed this before but racism in Mexico is a bit different. It exists it just isn’t malicious (for the most part). I get called “guerro” quite often and gringo sometimes. The American equivalent of those terms would be blondie, whitey etc.

Here there is no negative connotation, it is just a description based on your skin color or birthplace.

Well those “Nito’s” used to be a longer word that literally translated to Little Black Person. Somebody at the company decided it best to join this century and make it a little more PC.

Despite their name, they are my favorite Mexican junk food right now.


I’ve had Nito’s. They are DELICIOUS! I think you can find them in some of the mexican store up here in the states depending where you are at.

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AM Wake Up 96.4kg and 94cm waist definitely bloated and a little soft looking but not that bad. The real plus is that there is NO JUNK in the house and with wifey’s stomach issues we wont be having any for a while.

AM Bench+
Top Sets 6-4@315
Pause Spoto 5@245
Dum Military 2*8@50s
Dum Back Fly

PM Gunz
Pullups Supaset Dips
Rev Grip EZ Curl
EZ Skull Crusher
Hammer Curl
Rope Down


Squat Top Sets
1-2-2 @ 495
Dead TOp Set
9 @ 475
Reverse Crunches 2*?

Not great not bad. Program adjustments coming soon to implement higher frequency and intensity.

I have really fallen in love with the idea of 5-3-1 it just doesnt fit my needs or goals right now. It actually rarely fits my goals.

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