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The Gram/Grams Zone

Just curious how many of you here have used a gram/2 grams (0r more!!!) of test a week, and how big a difference there is from say a more traditional 500-750. I’m considering doing a 2-4 weeker of drol, test prop, and tren. And running the test a a gram…maybe 2 but not likely. Thoughts?

I’m glad you asked, cause I was considering a cycle of a gram of test prop and half a gram of tren, so any useful advice you get could apply to me too.

The highest I ran tren was at 700 mgs a week. VERY antisocial.

The gramabol program seems to be very popular ever since Brock introduced it. I think it is highly unnecessary, but to each his own. I think doses should be size dependant. If you weight 180 lbs. a gram is way overboard. If you weight 250 lbs. it is still overboard, but not near as much. I liked combining a couple of products that are proven and simple. Like 500 mg Sust p/week and 25 mg d-bol p/day. My personal favorite is 400 mg Deca p/week, 50 mg winstrol every other day.

The need for AE’s for such a cycle is diminished, the side effects are far less, almost unnoticeable.

I think high doses do not give you much more benefit, cost a lot more, and introduces more side-effects.

Plus, you have problems with multiple injection sites and large volumes of injectulate (not sure that’s a word) that may not dissipate as it should and can cause infections and shit.

Bottom line, I don’t think it’s worth it. Reading the “Diary of a Steroid user” confirmed for me that a whole shit load of steroids does not translate in to impressive gains. I was not impressed with that guys gains. I had gotten better off of way less.

It is your judgment. Do what you think you should do.

It is my experience that dosages of any chemical are subjective to the individual. Common sense dictates that you begin with an accepted protocol, then tune your cycles to produce the most bang for the buck. Baseline CBC’s, with follow-ups at peak cycle can help you stay away from the danger zone.

I have frontloaded 1000mg of trenbolone enanthate and 1000mg of testosterone cypionate in a 3 day span and I’ll tell ya that about 4 days after that I was… yes, nice choice of words wideguy… antisocial as hell… But there wasn’t enough weight in the gym for me and because I was taking 30mg of dbol at the same time I was the happiest antisocial ever…

After I frontloaded all that I kept my weekly dosages of each around 500mg/wk…

Very shortly here I’m going to run 750mg EQ/wk, 600mg Deca/wk, 350 Winny/wk and see how that goes… I’ll frontload 1200mg of EQ (500mg/mL EQ) and 1200mg of Deca and pick up the winny 3 weeks in and run the entire cycle for 12 weeks… Any suggestions to how I can make it better would be appreciated… I also plan on taking femara with it too, as I seem to have some serious aromatization going on in my body…

If you do run that much test, keep a log on here about how you feel everyday, I’d love to see some feedback…

Since I am running my first injectable cycle right now at 300mg test cyp every 5th day I can’t tell you anything from personal experiance. But, I know 2 semi pro bb’s that have done well over a gram but now advise against it. One gets test flu every time he goes over 1gram no matter how little past and the other gets worst than what you guys are calling “anti-social”.
Being a male your body does love test and will almost always find a use for it but, there has to be a point where you are just wasting some of it. Also I dout you heart would like you very much at anything over a gram a week.
Just out of curiousity, why would you want to do 2 grams a week?

I have run Test as high as 3grams a week… yes, that’s 3000mg. I know it sounds sick, but let me say it was one of the best cycles I ever ran so far. I ran the whole cycle to a “T”… nutrition, rest, ancillaries, vitamins, etc… you name it!

I wouldn’t recommend it, but I would definitely say that 1500mg to 2g a week would do wonders for those who has some good AAS experince under their belts. Good luck.

Speaking of dose appropriate for an individual, I have read in several semi obscure texts and found to be true, that

1 mg / kg bwt / day

seems to be an optimal dose. If you run the calculations with half lives, what the front load does is to get you to that level Much quicker. The 180 lb guy in the example should be in the 550-600 range per week, where as your 250 lb guy would need around 800. At this level I get excellent gains without too many sides.

None of this is to say that going above or below this formula does not work, and specific drugs-like tren-can have some Very cool strength effects above this. This is just an excellent “base” above which taking more does not seem to increase gains. I have found this to be “optimal intake” 80% of the time. A 300 lb guy almost Needs 1500-2000 for a front load to get to optimal.

Dosages for anabolics is really more of an individual thing.
I’ve done half a dozen cycles and am sitting at 247lbs. right now and have yet to try tren,masteron,growth, and all the other exotic drugs. My heaviest cycle consisted of 600mg test enan and 600mg equipoise. I’m currently running 525mg test cyp and 525mg deca and am still growing off of it.
I personally think of anabolics as a supplement that represents ~15% of the equation and the remaining 85% comes from diet,training, and recuperation.
The take home message should be to use as little as possible just as long as you continue to see results.


I just finished week one of 1200mgs test and 1200mgs of EQ I feel good I guess. but the other day I thought I couldnt breathe for a few breaths but it went away. so far not feeling any results. I think you should try to get away with using as little as possible. just my 2 cents peace

Interesting boys.

Hey dub aren’t you a little worried running your EQ that high for that long?