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The GOP Doesn't Get Comedy


This is the best the RLC could do?


I wish I could watch it, but I read about it , sounds Hilarious .


Sounded like they were laughing quite a bit but at 18:14 the sounds got cut off like it was censored.


It is pretty funny.


Looks to me like they got a little upset that the jokes turned to the republican candidates so they pulled him.


The very beginning was kinda funny cause he sorta got the mannerisms down. Couple okay Weiner jokes, but overall super basic shitty comedy.

It just screamed old white male GOP.

Republican strategist, Doug Heye, the former RNC communications director, noted after the event, "Wonder why many minorities have problems with GOP? Hiring Obama impersonator to tell 'black jokes' at SRLC, for starters. Our own fault."


Aren't you white?


Silly question. The point is, as Heye said, that they're creating their own image problems. Hiring that impersonator isn't going to engender much of a positive response from people who aren't old white folks. Their "comedy" is likely going to come off as slightly racist, outdated (A Sanford and Son reference for god's sake) and inappropriate to all the people whom they're trying to court. It's just ridiculous. If you want to make fun of Obama and Biden and be an actual comedian then take some notes on someone like Seth Meyers' at the correspondents' dinner.


It was pretty funny.

What happened at the end? A little too close to home?


But wait... at Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity, I saw a bunch of white people there, I thought that was the de facto criteria for a Klan rally?

Listen to me Cracker, don't you go and try to stop the hate whitey train. Not.on.my.watch.


OK, way to misrepresent the argument and try to make it something else completely. I also wasn't aware that Stewart's rally was a DLC meeting. And when did I define the event by the makeup of the crowd? I said the comedy sounded like something only old white folks would get a laugh out of. Who they hired (remember they paid this man for that lame act and I'll bet it wasn't peanuts) to entertain them is much more important. Anyone think this was a good move on the part of the GOP?


Dude.. ridiculous. Whenever I hear fools say this, the conversation is over. Why do you hate white people so much, specifically if they are "old"?



You KNOW old White Guys are just plain "per-snikkity", DANG it!

(BAH hum-bug!)




2 snaps and a twist.

My boy Rock beat me to it.


Idiotic, not related to the discussion, and misrepresenting my point. The GOP has no problem getting the old white folks to the polls. What's the point of reinforcing and catering to that demographic? Again, the point is, as the former communications director stated, the GOP is creating their own image problems here. They lament the fact that they can't get minority votes then they hire guys like this to do a hackneyed comedy routine. To be completely frank there are large areas where I'm not impressed with Obama, and I would like to see a cogent GOP make a real effort because competition is necessary in politics. However, idiotic decisions like this one do nothing to help people see the republican party that the republicans would like to display.


My point, which is hardly idiotic, is people like you, and others say this "Old White Male" thing all the time and it makes no sense other than you have some prejudice against them.

I do not defend the decision to have this guy speak, but he was part of a comedy routine. However the jokes could have been more to the point of failed policies rather than some of the stuff he said. Since he was pulled, it pretty much tells me what the comedian sold to the GOP was not what he ended up delivering, hence he was pulled. Steve Bridges would have been a better choice. He does a pretty clean routine and he does both Bush and Obama.


You're still either misunderstanding or misrepresenting my words. I didn't use the term in a pejorative manner such that old white males are bad. If you think I did please explain why. What do YOU think my point with the "old white male" statement was? The other problem was what they actually pulled him over. They simply pulled him once the shots got too close to home.

The republicans should be acutely aware of the fact that they do seem to have an image problem with respect to minority groups, whether it's deserved or not. I can't watch the Bridges stuff right now but I'll take a look at it later. It just floors me that the Republican leadership would seek out a guy like this to do a routine at such a meeting and show how (if I may use a buzzword phrase) out of touch they are.

Edit: Let me say that I have no problem with the guy's routine from the standpoint that he's a comedian and that's his act. If people want to go to his shows and laugh at that then that's their decision and he can say whatever he wants. It's just that he was hired for the RLC meeting.


I hear it a lot, and it's just another stereotype based on nothing but prejudice of an entire group, be it their looks, religion or thought to trash a party's image. I know plenty of conservatives who are not old or white. It's also part of the opposition 'demonization" strategy to paint a party in one single color or creed, which the roots of your statement are from.


Yes it's prejudice like saying democrats have consistently gotten the young black vote in recent elections. Right? You're just putting up a smokescreen. Now Bridges stuff was funny, the Warren Buffet joke killed me and the teleprompter joke was pretty good too. His Bush is really spot on as well.


No, it's fact. Saying that the GOP comedy was something that old white people would probably like was not either right? If I were to say...'That dinner was something that a bunch of young blacks would like" would be more appropriate of an analogy comparing what you said.

Bridges is awesome. I think he was also the guy who played Bush in Harrold and Kumar EFGB. I have a pic with him from 2005 when he did Bush at a software conference.