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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

well all i am leaving the state for a while come Tuesday and sad to say i do not think my work situation will leave me any means of a computer for use,

wow i dont post alot but i truly spend alot of time here reading laughing and learning, i will miss the hell out of our community but only for a while!

currently i am in the beginning of 4th week of

weeks 1-12 test e 250mg 2x/wk
weeks 1-10 EQ 250mg 2x/wk

i got around 45 10mg tabs of var not sure what i want to do with
"except eat em "

“i screwed the eq dosage up when i pm’d ya jj forgive me”

i will be seeing you all hopefully sooner than later!

i will be checking in for a few days yet


one more thing i am mixing in an occasional dose of test c at 200mg/ml putting me at around 450 some weeks…no big deal right test is test…anybody disagree?

[quote]hangiron wrote:
one more thing i am mixing in an occasional dose of test c at 200mg/ml putting me at around 450 some weeks…no big deal right test is test…anybody disagree?[/quote]

Yea, E and C are pretty much the same. No problem whatsoever. Have a safe trip out of state.

well. i have always used Cyp (unless using a mixed ester product such as sust) and i get my results around week 6… at least.

I hear Enanth begins so show itself a lot quicker…!

I will be getting 100ml of that next methinks.

i thought it was the other way around

I tried cyp first because everything i read suggested it gave more of a “kick”… however many at T-Nation (where i do get a lot of anecdotal info from the posters i trust) suggest they get an earlier showing from enanth. i guess it is the end result that really matters - its just so damn frustrating with Cyp IMO… Still nothing a little deca and dianabol wont cure…



its been a while fellas i have been on the call of duty for work, and have just recently purchased and set up a laptop that i can use for my darkside activities

well in the short the whole run has been great i found a really cool gym in my travels

i am still going with it for about 3 more weeks
i have hit some great P/R’s including a 505 lb squat…i am just ecstatic about it too

i have one issue that i could use some help on! recently i have noticed a E2 rise, water weight and such but nothing too noticeable i had been scheduling my adx dosing at around .5 mg eod the blue bottle brand…well i switched from test-e to test-c pharma grade 2 weeks ago fully at 400mg weekly and abruptly got a gyno flare up now i am in another state with no sources to switch my A/I …kills me to know i have a bottle of nolva in my fridge at home

should i increase to 1mg for approx 3 days and then run at .5 daily here on out maybe and add in the nolva when i go home for thanksgiving

or should i freek out now and look to a more aggressive approach

damn the slow update to bump

Hmm… given your situation i would increase the adex. IMPO there is nothing wrong with going upto 1mg/day of arimidex… but many disagree i think…

Goes to show the power of pharma doesnt it?! lol

Pick up the nolvadex ANYWAY - it will never hurt to have it on hand…
It the gyno worse on the days inbetween dosing? Or is it very bad… or what?

Some dosing options that may make a difference: 0.25ED, 0.5mgED, 0.75 and 1mg EOD and ED.
Adding nolvadex. Reducing test dose(not ideal IMO)

I personally find no matter my
anti-estrogen practices - my gyno flares up at night time much worse than any other time. First thing in the morning it is much smaller :):slight_smile:

Hope this helps a little.


thanks jj
i have noticed the same situation in the evenings i think for the next couple days maybe i should run at the 1mg ed then taper back .75ed and evaluate from there

anyways i don’t have the nolva on hand but when i get my hands on it come thanksgiving what would be a sensible approach possibly?

staying @ .5ed adex and
adding 20mg nolva ed for 2 wks

I dont know. If i was to hazard a guess i would say this:

The plan should be to increase the Adex dose to reduce the problem (i assume this is a gyno you had already that seems to be aggravated) then you should look to reduce the adex slowly to get to a dose as low as your flareup will allow.

IMO (and it is JMO), if it is still a problem after running a high dose of adex you need to look to dropping or reducing the test dose…

Seeing as you have (what is it, a week or two…?) a little time till thanksgiving before you get some, the adex will have reduced the estrogen - via aromatase - in that time, making further blocking kinda useless IMO… unless it is worse in which case 40-60mg nolvadex would be used until you manage to reduce the level of testosterone in your body (making sure to reduce but keep the adex too to keep estrogen levels in check too)

JMO :wink: