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155 years ago General Mead beat Robert E Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg 155 years and one day ago.

The war in the east changed, the Civil War shortened. And a “New birth of Freedom” fell across the land.


Hey my wife is pregnant too! LOL.

My daughter is about to turn 1 this month and the new baby is due in November. We find out the sex in 2 weeks!


WOW!!! Congratulations, @Alrightmiami19c !! Is this the second baby for you, or do you lave older kids?

My oldest are less than two years apart. The first couple of years are just a BLUR. I didn’t read at all during that time. I felt like I was busy just keeping everybody alive. And my oldest wasn’t happy unless he was outside, so I remember him crying at the front door a lot, and me spending hours walking outside with the little sis in a Baby Bjorn while my nature lover watched birds and looked for rocks.

One nice thing about kids close in age. With any luck, the two of them will entertain each other, be fast friends. Without siblings, it seems like the preschool years onward are mostly about looking for other kids to play with. In the early elementary years, I kept all the neighbor kids on our cul de sac after school until their parents came home from work. I liked having the Kool-Aid house, but part of that was just keeping my own kids entertained. It was easier to have a pack. I hope it works out like that for your little crew. Keep us posted.


That is good advice. I went last year on the way to Lancaster and half of a day wasn’t nearly enough. Its really a nice walking around little town.


Funny you say that - my little guy gets fussy from time to time as babies are wont to do. When I take him out into the backyard he seems very engaged. Which is good - we’re planning on taking him up to Maine for some light outdoor activities in a few months…


Cute. Our kids are very much their own people, and we have WAY less control over their personalities than we think. Part of the parenting job is just to discover what his interests and strengths are and then be there to support and encourage.

@ My kid. His desire to be outside all the time was about finding the most interesting place to explore, and see new things. Understandable and mostly endearing.

It just made it very hard to get anything else done!

Maine in the summer sounds awesome. I’ve never been north of NYC.


Congratulations on all the babies guys.

As we are talking a bit about babies interests and development I would recommend you have a look at something called Schemas. I’m sure you will find your little ones show strong characteristics of a certain schema, you can then figure out great activities to teach and play which suit them.


Interesting. My brother and I are 18 months apart, and I thought that was the perfect distance - for US, that is, as we got to be on the same sports teams and play together and generally cause a bit of ruckus.

However, recently was at a wedding with two couples/friends: one had a 3 year old and infant, the other had a 2 year old and infant, and I was struck by just how much more relaxed it appeared to have a 3 year old (who could eat her own food, sit and talk and entertain herself some) versus a 2 year old, and now I think my wife and I are settled on waiting until at least 2nd birthday of our here-any-day now first baby before trying a second time. Subject to modification of course…


My sister and oldest brother are 11 months apart, then another 2 brothers, each about a year apart, then a 3 year hiatus before they had me.

That had to be crazy.


This will be my second child. We find out the sex tomorrow. I’m glad we are having them close, but I sometimes am out of patience with my daughter and I think “how am I going to do this with two?”

I’m sure it will be great though. All the cliches that people say about children and parenting are true. You give up a lot from your personal life, but get so much more back. It’s only been a year and I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

EDIT: It’s a boy on the way!


Congratulations!! That’s fantastic.

BTW, I recently hear the term Irish twins. I think you barely missed the criterion. Ha! Apparently this was a derogatory term, but I wasn’t familiar with it’s meaning until I read this darling blogger at Uptown with Elly Brown talk about her boys.

@SkyzykS’s mom had two sets of Irish twins. Man, I think about how crazy it was to have all the Cub Scouts in my house after school. I had nothing on Sky’s mom.


My gram used to call it Catholic birth control.

Then we’d all bring home a friend or two.



I mentioned Elly Brown’s Irish twins. This is her family.

You’ll have a little girl and boy in there, but isn’t this the sweetest family picture? And she got brave and added another one!


Yeah, I think we just missed Irish twins. The funny part is we had to try for six months for my daughter. Second baby was a one time whoopsie daisy. If it were only up to my wife we’d be planning number three already, but I think the train has left the station so to speak.


Got to see Dick Cole, the last of Doolittle’s Raiders, give a live interview this week. Awesome stuff.