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The Good Stuff in Life


That’s a beautiful place. I used to commune with nature all the time when I was younger.
Nothing tastes better then a can of Hormell hot chilli with beans in the cool breeze of the mountains next to a babbling stream, by the camp fire miles from anything man made. That was my happy place. We would go camping every weekend for years. Leave Thursday or Friday night. Drive up to the mountains. Hike about five miles, find a water source and throw up the tent and pack the bowl…ahh, the good old days.


I love to hike. Growing up in a very rural place, we could walk outside and be completely alone. Beautiful places where you can hike or camp and never see another soul. I miss that about living here. Fortunately, there’s some open space and some beautiful places around us, but I miss the quiet of being off the grid like that.


Here’s another fun / random thing:

This weekend my alma mater is holding a ceremony to honor our 2006 football team which went undefeated and won our conference championship. Here’s a memorable picture of our offensive line after our first game of that season, always been one of my favorite photos. A real mud bowl that day (those are white uniform tops and white pants).


Those are some mega fish tacos! That is awesome…


Spending the weekend in Northern California. Hiked around Shasta lake today.


War is seldom good news, except when you’re winning. ISIS is getting their ass kicked and I cannot help but to smile. As much misery as those bastards have caused, kicking their ass is definitely a good thing…


Bump to this thread.

Finally got a nice weekend, without rain. First one all year! Was able to get some swings on the baseball field. Crazy to think on Monday, last week, I woke up with 8" of snow.


Good news Puff! I am glad your family is all together again.


Bumping this thread for the baby update.



I hope all is well and everyone arrives safe and sound.

Friendly reminder. It’s July. Time to break out the slip and slide or at least run through the sprinkler.

I hope you all enjoyed the Fourth. We walked at the beach in the early morning, and then sat around the pool, and ate WAY too much food. No slip and slide at our house. Kids are scattered this summer, doing good things. One of them had this view last night. I haven’t heard the update yet, but this seems like a good bucket list thing for an embarrassingly nationalist person like myself. wink!! I’ve been to Philadelphia and Valley Forge, but I’ve never been to DC. I’d love to see all the museums, monuments, Arlington.


This is probably every year for you, @usmccds423.


Believe it or not, I’ve only been to DC a few times and I’ve never been to the White House or the Washington Monument…

DC wasn’t a great place when I grew up (90s) and I’m not a fan of most cities anyway. Probably because I’ve lived/worked in and around “Charm” city for most of my life.

I prefer the quite country life outside of the beltway.


Me too, Puff!
(It’s CRAZY that I have never been there!)

(I’ve been told that the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials can elicit deep emotions in a person…)

I also have Antietam/Bull Run…Gettysburg…and the Allied Graveyards of France and the Beaches of Normandy on my “Bucket List”…among a million OTHER things…!)


A fishing boat setting out just before a summer storm. View from my balcony.


Hey PP - we had our little guy on the 24th - 7lbs 7oz, 20 inches and healthy. Been gaining weight and giving mom and dad enough sleep at night (3 - 4 hr stretches). Eating like the dickens but within a healthy range according to the pediatrician.

He’s been fun so far - his first fourth was somewhat uneventful - spent a couple hours eating at some cookouts with both of our families so all the extended family got to “meet” him (he was asleep the entire time except when he was eating).


Congratulations!! Happy to hear that everybody’s doing well. @ Sleep, I think 3-4 hours is about as much as you can hope for until he bulks a bit more.

Good news. I haven’t seen you much lately, so I was wondering.


Yea, been off the grid trying to get into a routine - back “at” work (working from home) so I have a bit more time to myself at the moment … plus the little guy’s sleeping the day away…


Still on baby watch. My wife is handling things very well - we went for a 2 mile walk yesterday with her just under 39 weeks pregnant - but I think she’s about ready to pop that thing out.


Best of luck bud - it’s an interesting experience.


Enjoy, they grow fast…


Hmm, I think the fireworks happened about 9 months ago… :wink:


I have an advantage in that I grew up near Gettysburg, but I highly recommend a visit for a long weekend, it’s a great three-day trip. Stay in downtown if you can - it’s a very pretty and quaint little place. Eat at the local joints. During the day, drive out into the battlefield, park the car, and just roam and admire the monuments. Take a map, read some stories about each spot and monument. It’s an incredible place.