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'The Good Shepherd' ?


I really liked this movie, but was confused throughout the whole movie. I just didn’t get many things about it like why they killed his daughter and what was so dramatic about the dads letter at the end. also, im guessing the russian guy who jumped out of the building was the real deal right?

Why is it a spoiler? I got nothing from that synopsis.

I was going to see it but I saw it was 2 hours 40 minutes. I can’t sit in a theater chair that long. I’ll wait for the DVD.

Just saw it last night. I liked it, it was long but it was a decent flick so it didn’t seem that long, ya know. I agree though it was very confusing at times and I would have to see it at least another time to fully understand everything.

My understanding at this time is that the russian guy who jumped out the window was not the spy they thought he was, but had information he didn’t want to give away. And for the son’s fiance, I think she was killed because she couldn’t be trusted. She was giving information to the Russians. Thats what I gathered anyway.