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Like many of you I have bodybuilding mags lying around my home. The funny thing is every time six my year old nephew, Tommy (aka, T- Bone) comes over to visit he makes a bee-line for my latest copy of IRONMAN or MD. Now, for the most part it’s pretty cool how he’s taken such an interest in weights and muscles at so young an age. ( He’s always asking to see the weight set in my basement, too.)

Back to the mags - The problem is that little T-bone is not so much interested with the pictures of bloated bodybuilders, but with the potpourri of scantly clad fitness hotties. His favorite ones are the nude pics
with the black pixels covering up their “naughty bits.”
He has been asking me the same question for two
years now, but I have not been able to give him a good answer: “Unkie Joey, why do they have to cover up all the GOOD PARTS?”

What do you guys think? Why do they cover up the good parts… and how at age six does he know that they are the GOOD PARTS? Puzzled, Unkie Joey Z.