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The Good Morning Thread

Is anyone in these forums still doing these?

Why or why not?

If you are why are you choosing this exercise and what variation(s) of the exercise are you doing?

Anything else you want to add?

For a half a second from the title I really thought this was a thread meant for people to chat on during breakfast or smth


Yeah, I do them sometimes. Depends on how I’m feeling. I generally interchange these and RDL’s…only difference is GM’s are a little more low back intensive in my opinion.

Why? Idk. It seems like a good movement. I don’t go for weight - like 95lbs max for me. Just feel like it works my hamstrings really well. I do the standard version with a SSB. Have also used a straight bar. Never done anything fancy - concentric only, seated, etc.

Do you?

Oh yeah. Whenever my P-Chain is the limiting factor, nothing brings it up faster than GMs. I never had much luck with RDLs.

My favorite variation is to take a stance a little narrower than squat stance and bring the bar down to just a couple inches over mid-foot with a straight bar. But I also like doing concentric only suspended from chains when I feel too beat up for deadlifts. And high rep zercher GMs will work the hell out of the front and sides of the mid-section and upper back.

I do best with 3-5 sets of 5-8 reps. I prefer doing them 1st or 2nd in a training session.

Do them all the time… Super strict sets of 8 to 10 squat stance. Basic nothing fancy

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Standing and seated with the SSB. Vary the reps and weight, but never over 10 reps. I think they’re great for DL and squat strength. Especially when you pause them at the bottom. They really teach you how to brace too.

SSB off pins set to Deadlift height. Got the tip from Brian Alsruhe’s YouTube channel and it is excellent. I don’t go below 6 reps.

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Yes, on occasion when coach tells me to.

It’s usually high reps with just a band (50 to 100 reps in as few sets as possible). We’ll go through a three to four week phase where we do that once or twice a week on squat or deadlift day.

Sometimes with bar, usually two to three sets and no more than 10 reps. That doesn’t tend to crop up more than once every six to eight weeks at least.

With barbell or SSB, I like to add chains to make sure the bar is in line with the midfoot, also to sneak in more weight than was programmed, but not kill me at the bottom. I was doing 3x8 in the last phase of my program.

Went off program once and used a sandbag with a zercher hold, that was fun. I think doing a zercher good morning with axle would be awesome to try out

I did a whole mess of seated good mornings when recovering from ACL surgery. I always liked the movements, but find them hard to work into programming on a limited time budget.

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I’d only done them a few times before. I’ve been trying them for 2 days a week. Using a SSB with around 100 pounds for 3-5x10-15 and they absolutely light my hamstrings on fire. Curious to see the carry over to my big lifts.

I only do them once in a while for sets of 8-10. I pushed them to the point where I can good morning as much as I can squat. At this point my quads have become my weakness so I have backed off the good mornings somewhat.

Good mornings are, I think, one of the most under rated of weight lifting exercises. I really felt the difference in my lower back when hiking. I train it with the same diversity of reps as other muscle groups.

I do them sometimes in place of RDLs but I prefer RDLs, I find that I get a lot more out of them.

Good mornings are done on Heavy Lower days after squats.

Never on DE lower before a heavy lower.

I do SSB, cambered, off pins, chains, etc. Good mornings are good for you.

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SSBGM, on deadlift day. 2nd exercise 5x8-10. Sometimes straight weights,or bands or chains. I don’t use bands for more than 3 weeks in a row.
I like them for DLs and squat.
I find I get more upper back and general strength from these than RDL or SLDL.
I don’t train conjugate, so there is no ME lower.I use 531 and it my DL supplemental lift.
Big fan

I usually do them every other week. I’ll alternate them with stiff legged deadlifts as accessories to my deadlifts & squats

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