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The Golden Six, Modified - Should I?


Hey people. For those that remember me, I’m doing OK. I’ve been through the worst period of depression in my life, but I’ve essentially decided ‘screw you, brain, I’m going to feel shitty but still get shit done’. Also, I’ve started karate again, which brings me to the point.

The point being, I’ve come across Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘golden six’ routine. You squat, bench, chine, overhead press, do situps and then curls.

The thing I need clarification on is this: my squat stands and bench are out of commission, because while I was benching a bolt sheared. So I’m planning to front squat and deadlift on alternate workouts. Should I still do the golden six workout, but with modifications due to my equipment constraints, or should I go looking for a different programs?

All suggestions gratefully received. Except the ones about sheep.


I’m not familiar with the routine, but I am sure you can still use the principles of the program but modify the exercises to fit your situation. Granted you stay with the theme of choosing quality complex exercises.

By the way, way to go working through the depression, that is never easy. Keep your head up and keep training pal.


[quote=“Der_Steppenwolfe, post:1, topic:224446”]
I’m going to feel shitty but still get shit done[/quote]
I don’t know for certain that this is what successful people do… but I have a pretty good feeling that this is what successful people do. Good stuff, man. Glad to hear you’re getting through it.

I’m not so sure about modifying 30% of the workout, even to account for the equipment issue. What’s your goal with the lifting currently? Just to get back into an organized routine? To put on some size? Knowing the goal is going to help inform the best route.

If we need a barbell-only/no squat rack/no bench routine, I’d look at Wendler’s “No Rack, No Problem” 5/3/1 template. (Click “Oldest First” to display it properly). Basically: deadlift, overhead press, high rep front or back squat one day; power clean, bent row, high rep front or back squat another day.

A few days of complexes could also work if it’s just about getting back into the swing of lifting. Keeping the reps low-ish would make it lean less towards fat burning and more towards general conditioning. You could even bump them up heavier for singles or doubles and do the complexes for strength.


Cool. Thanks guys. I really need to think more about my goals, that much is evident. I don’t really have much at the moment beyond ‘get bigger and stronger and better at karate’.