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The Golden Boy's Letter to Mayweather

Holy shit. Did anybody see this? Is this a hoax?

Oscar is getting more and more extreme.
This surprised me, as did his dismissive attitude to GGG after he dismantled Lemieux.

With this I have to wonder about Oscars motivation; was he motivated tonwrite this as a businessman, or as an ex fighter whose pride is still wounded.

This is sad. I doubt Floyd even read it. Oscar is salty as hell. I don’t know whether its pr or what.

He’d do well to not compare Floyd 49-0 with chavez 49-0. considering jcc fought a guy was 1 win for 15 losses in his 50th fight.

many of his wins in his first 20/30 fights came against guys with either zero wins or less than a handful.

I don’t think its pr, but if it is, then its shoddy, kind like how dana white likes to use floyds name.

and the Oscar has the gall to say something like this

obvious ducking is obvious.

[quote]CarltonJ wrote:
This is sad. I doubt Floyd even read it. [/quote]

That’s because he can’t read…BOOM!!!

[quote]xXSeraphimXx wrote:
That’s because he can’t read…BOOM!!!
hehe That was funny. Well played.