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The Gladiator-New Training Log


I decide to start my own log to share some of my underground training with people here so here's what I did yesterday

1) Warm-up jump rope x 500
2) Sandbag shouldering 3 x 5 reps (150 lbs sanbbag) The 5 reps need to be done in 1 min time frame
3) Pull-up 10 x 4 x bw
4) Handstand exercises mix
Conditioning : mile run time: 6 min 40

Here are some of my goals :
Mile run under 6 min
Pull-ups x 20
Be able to walk on my hand
Lift my 175 lbs pouds bag overhead
Shoulder my 175 lbs sandbag easily
400 pounds deadlift

Here's a vids from a recent training session with sandbags :