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The Get Big Diet and High GI/GL's

Hey all, if you check the Get Big Diet it includes sweet potatoes as a well, surely a qaulity carb source, but as per http://diabetes.about.com/library/mendosagi/ngilists.htm they have super high GI/GL’s. What’s up with that? I eat them daily, as I thought they were a lowish GI good carb source. Are any of you guys sweet potatoe eaters? I mean honestly do eat your beef steak with cooked oats?

Yes, sweet potatoes can be quite high, although the method of cooking affects this to a degree. Boiling potatoes for a long time, for example, increase the GI to very high.

What I would suggest would be eating yams instead. If I’m not mistaken, their GI is significantly lower, and in MY opinion, taste really yummy :slight_smile: