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The Georgia Flag

It’s amazing the time and resources we will spend (waste!) on certain things in out beloved Democracy…and this Georgia Flag issue is a case in point. (As a lover of the SEC, I would just as soon they fly a UGA Bulldog over the State Capitol with “Go Dawgs” on it!) Damn, we need to grow up…

Anyway…the flag (one way or the other) doesn’t bother me NEARLY as much as the revisionist rhetoric of the Early South and the Civil War you hear people spouting off.

If you listen to a lot of these people (or watch a Ted Turner Civil War Movie), the South during that time was full of admirable, God-fearing, non-Slave owning Gentleman (or if they owned them, treated them with love and respect and would have freed them eventually anyway); who detested Slavery, and were merely fighting a just War of Northern Aggression…or that the poor foot soldier, while poor, upheld the God-fearing and just ideals of Freedom, Justice, Cotton and the American way of their leaders…

Please guys…argue your point “damn all you niggers and liberals and piss off…I like the 'ole Flag”…but don’t try to revise history…


I didnt know your were from GA Mufasa? Which part? I think the flag issue is stupid at best. Why dont they just go back to the flag they had before this one? If i recall that one didnt have the rebel flag on it. The rebel flag was put in to thumb their nose at the North. My girlfriend’s(or whatever she is) dad is livid over the flag. What for? Besides the fact that hes an idiot, what does it matter. And there arent any slaves still alive today so what do the african americans care? I just dont see why they waste so much legistlative time on something this stupid.

We, in the beautiful state of South Carolina, still bicker over the actual confederate flag. In the past year or two, we moved it down from atop the capitol building to assuage the anti-flag people only to place it in a prominent place in front of the capitol building.

So essentially, our legislators satisfied no one, but did start a nice little business. They started selling confedarate flags that had been flown over the State house. They would go to the top, wave a flag around, and repeat with multiple flags.

I can’t believe it’s still an issue. Oh wait, I’m surrounded by stupid rednecks, I guess I can.

Hey, Gold!

Nope…I’m a Native North Carolinian…but I’m an absolute FANATIC for:

  1. SEC Football

  2. ACC Basketball, and

  3. Southern Ladies!

…and not neccesarily in that order!


I don’t know, guys…

It just seems to me that of all the things that can possibly divide us…a damn flag shouldn’t be one of them…



I agree it’s a stupid issue to divide people over, but are you saying that the rednecks should just agree to get rid of it or that African-Americans should just let it go?

 Mufasa, care to write your issue more clearly? After reading your post I cannot help but ask: what the fuck is your problem?

 If you must whine about something make sure those around you understand what you're trying to say. Got it?

I don’t like the tone this is getting… as soon as you start talking about “rednecks” and African Americans, it’s pretty damned obvious which group you have preference for.

My stance: I don’t see that it’s such a big deal. I don’t think anyone is trying to start slavery back up again, and frankly, it’s incredibly egotistical to associate the confederacy solely with slavery. The vast majority of the southerners that died in the civil war were poor, and they didn’t own slaves. Yes, the rich southerners did own them, and that’s a shame. Perhaps if the North hadn’t worked so hard to degrade and completely decimate the south after the war, there wouldn’t be such separatist feeling to this day.

Sorry for the long post. This issue bugs me.

Yeah…I think we should let it go…and we should also let go of the Sir names like African/American this…and Asian/American that…or if you prefer Latino/American…etc…
I am white…but I don’t go around calling myself German/English/American. I just call myself “American”. I was born here…as are most of the people who like to play the “name game”. I think stopping the stupid labeling of what type of American we are would go a long ways in “letting it go”.
Anyone else get a little peeved at this?



Too many people, on too many issues, attempt to revise history in some way…that’s the point. It really doesn’t matter WHAT the issue is; but it usually involves two important factors:

  1. The issue is usually very divisive, with people taking very clear sides.

  2. The historical revision is usually done to support ones given side.

Revising history is an “equal opportunity offense”, meaning ALL people do it when they wish to support their stance by watering down, or in some cases completely changing, history.

So what? Why care?

Revising history 1) cheapens ones argument 2) often lessens and cheapens the concerns of someone who may have valid arguments and 3) prevents people from coming to an acceptable end point (or at least a compromise, as in the case of the flag).

Secondly…with so many more critical issues affecting us, money and/or legislative time should be spent on more pressing issues.

nephron: Valid concerns…and this is what happens when people try to change history. Slaves were in the North and South, with enough prejudice and ignorance on BOTH sides of the Mason/Dixon to go around. People are people… and hate, prejudice and dishonesty comes from within the heart…not from where someone lives…and as you pointed out, during “reconstruction”, it was soon learned that the North was not full of a bunch of honest, God fearing angels, who loved black people…and it never was.

Lastly (so that I can make things even clearer for diesel) is that the recent concerns over the revisionist view of the Civil War and that whole period of time in American History, is becoming a point of concern even for Civil War Historians…and it seems to be worsening.

My personal feeling? Take America as She was and is…and your will still end up with a heck of a Country, rich in it’s History and it’s founding ideals…

Clear enough?


All I have to say is GO DAWGS!!!
Now, if we can just beat the freakin’ Gators.