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The GAYEST Marriage Proposal Ever




Come on, that's not that bad.

First off, it takes some serious balls to do something like that in public. Second, his girlfriend is hot and has a nice backyard. Third....ummm....his girlfriend is hot and has a nice backyard.


I couldn't get through it all.


There was an AD before the video got to play so I just closed it



Damn. That one hell of a marriage proposal.

It was a little hokey and it's not exactly something that i'd do, but for them, it seemed perfect. Very original.


Yea, I'm not sure what about that was gay.

If it was real, that was pretty impressive, and probably took a lot of planning and money.


Well, the guy was kind of effeminate, and it was a little silly, but yes, his gf was hot, and yes, it took balls. Chicks do dig that kind of stuff, though, so he totally scored 999999 points with her.


I'm wondering if they had a song prepared at the end for if she said no...


All those points are for nothing if he doesn't keep impressing the hell out of her with new levels bullshit. He's fucked for life, or at least until she dumps him for someone else who impresses her more.


I'll give them 3 years


Not as gay as a man proposing to another man.


you guys are awfully nice. i give it a year before she catches him being unfaithful with another man.


Im sorry but when he started singing it turned into the gayest thing ever!


Not even.

He proposed after one year of them knowing each other. In most cases, that is not nearly enough time to determine whether or not you are compatible enough for a lifetime with another.

Not saying it never happens... just that the odds are definitely stacked against them.




they've only known each other for a year? This marriage is going to fail. (not in all cases, but more often than not)
and yea, pretty gay.


At first I thought it was just one of those public things like people have done at airports and stuff. When the song and dance routine started it clearly moved from the "cute and memorable" category to the, "shouldn't he be doing this with another guy" category.


Its fake anyway. Unless he also hired a whole camera crew.


Yea... he sang and pranced like a pansy fairy....

She's pretty HOT, so I'm not sure if this is real. But if it is real, you guys are right 1yr for a divorce, or HER cheating on him. Marrying after just one year???


It does have a Gay factor but yeah, she's hot. Not THAT gay overall considering she's..well...hot. Just look at the chick, she's...yah....hot.